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Roland In The Caves
La Pulga
Roland Alascaux
Roland In Den Hohlen
Roland 2
El Piojo

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ROLAND IN THE CAVES You are far ahead in time, the year 2464 AD and your Space Time Machine has landed on an alien planet, and being of an inquisitive nature, you decide to explore it. You have been gifted with a special kind of power that aids you when you are exploring strange planets. You are able to mutate into the alien-beings' form. On this mysterious planet of Ivorus, the beings are minute and flea-like with amazing jumping powers. However, during your exploration, you take an unexpected trip and fall down and down and down through a deep and dark pot hole into a strange cave. All around you are flesh-eating plants, not to mention a hungry pterodactyl...... You must elude these dangers, so utilise your jumping powers to ward off your enemies till you finally escape from the disastrous cave. No sooner are you safe, then disaster strikes again! Down you go again, but this time the flesh-eating plants have multiplied and they don't want you to escape. Good luck! When you eventually get out of the cave, the score is multiplied by a number which depends on the game skill level. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Reset the computer by holding down CTRL,SHIFT and ESC keys together in that order. Place cassette into Datacorder. Rewind tape to beginning then press STOP/EJECT once. Press CTRL and small ENTER keys simultaneously then press PLAY followed by any key. This program will take about 6 minutes to load. CONTROLS G = GAME START Z = JUMP LEFT / = JUMP RIGHT CURSOR KEYS = SCROLL (CURSOR KEYS) A = ABANDON When the Z or / keys are held down a force indicator is shown on the top left of the screen. The amount of force shown when the key is released determines the strength of the jump. Shown to the left of the force indicator is the score. This starts at 100 and decreases each time you jump. © INDESCOMP

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