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Vintage Computing Christmas Challenge 2021

Last Update : Saturday 25 December 2021 at 20 h 41

Manual n° 1

Author: Claire Wilson System: Amstrad CPC464 Language: Z80 assembly Source Length: 31 lines (851 bytes) Executable length: 48 bytes (37 executable, 11 data) Description: There's an 11 byte array (xpos) denoting the number of stars per row Centre of an Amstrad CPC464 in mode 1 is column 20 so we get an x location of 20-x/2 (or, as executed lines 9~12 20, value at current ix which is a pointer into xpos shifted right 1; 20 is subtracted from this). For authenticity, I use the Firmware call to emulate the standard text mode to locate the text cursor then run the loop to print the number of stars indicated again calling the firmware's print character routine. Increment row count, increment xpos pointer in ix, if we're not on the 15th row (beyond buffer), rinse and repeat. PrintChar equ &BB5A ; Firmware call to print character in a to location Locate equ &BB75 ; Firmware call, directly equiv to LOCATE xy in hl Asterix equ 42 org &1200 ld c, 1 ; Set counter to start ld ix, xpos ; Begin by pointing to first entry MainLoop: ; work out x position as 20 - (#stars / 2) ld a, 20 ld e, (ix) sra e ; divide by 2 sub e ; The firmware LOCATE call expects x in h and y in l with ; origin of 1,1 top-right ld h, a ld l, c call Locate ld b, (ix) ; Grab the number of stars and use this for loop ld a, Asterix ; PrintChar firmware expects chr in a InnerRepeat: call PrintChar djnz, InnerRepeat ; And loop the print ; Move on to the next row. If we're on row 15, return otherwise NEXT inc c ld a, 15 cp c ret z inc ix jr MainLoop ; NEXT xpos: db 1,3,5,7,3,7,11,15,5,11,17,23,3,3

Manual n° 2

; **************************** ; * Vintage Computing * ; * Christmas Challenge 2021 * ; **************************** ;Leosoft's entry ;duration = 5156 NOPs di ;because we use shadow regs ;Initialize values of shadow registers ;===================================== ;(for the drawing routine) exx push bc ;backup bc' first! ;setup the four pixel maps for the star character ld bc,&6030 ld de,&c0f0 ;setup starting screen adress ld hl,&caa7 ;(starts in scanline #1, exact center screen ;with this adress, we can use inc L instead of inc HL exx ;Values in the main loop ;======================= ;B = counter for 4 lines per section ;C = length (in stars) of current line ;D = counter for tree sections (init 3) ;E = growth per line in current section (in stars, init 2) ;H = screen width (constant 80 = &50) ;L = offset to add to HL' for next screen line start (init 1) ld de,&0302 ld hl,&5001 ;Main loop (tree section) ;======================== tree_section: ld c,e ;calculate length of first line dec c ;every row starts with (growth-1) stars ld b,4 ;set counter to four lines per section section_line: ld a,l ;restore offset sub c ;subtract new line length from offset ;(-> half line left from center) exx add l ;add new offset to HL' ld l,a jr nc,$+3 inc h exx ld a,c ;get line length, A is counter for following loop exx draw_star: ld (hl),b ;draw line #1 inc l ld (hl),b set 5,h ;go to line #5 ld (hl),b ;draw line #5 dec l ld (hl),b res 3,h ;go to line #4 ld (hl),c ;draw line #4 inc l ld (hl),d ;draw line #4 res 5,h ;go to line #2 set 4,h ld (hl),d ;draw line #2 dec l ld (hl),c set 3,h ;go to line #3 ld (hl),e ;draw line #3 inc l ld (hl),e res 4,h ;go back to line #1 inc l ;and to next position dec a jr nz,draw_star exx ;calc offset to center of next line ld a,h ;(H=80) sub c ;since one character is 2 bytes wide ;C is actually half a line ld l,a ;save offset ;calculate length next of line ld a,c ;load old length add e ;add growth ld c,a ;save new length djnz section_line inc e ;increment growth for next section inc e dec d ;decrement section counter jr nz,tree_section bit 1,e ;if we get here for the 1st time, E=8 ;then we go on to the trunk jr nz,finish ;after the trunk, E=2 and we finish ;else draw the trunk of the tree ld bc,&0203 ;trunk is 2 lines high and 3 stars wide ld e,d ;E=0, no line growth (D was 0 before) inc d ;trunk is 1 section jr section_line finish: exx pop bc ;restore BC' to keep basic happy exx ret

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