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1st Division Manager

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1st Division Manager ==================== You have a reputation for BEING THE BEST! So good, that any club in the FIRST DIVISION will take you on as their manager. So choose your favourite team, and take them to the top. After all, you must keep that GREAT REPUTATION! Take your team to the top in this realistic football manager simulation. Train your players to be the best! And if they don't fulfil your expectations then sell them. This is the REAL world, so be TOUGH and get the most out of your team! Can you win the CUP? CONTROLS -------- Move pointer over ICONS (eg. computer or 'phone) and PRESS FIRE or ENTER to operate. Press FIRE on the DOOR to leave the office for the match. Press CURSOR UP to SPEED UP MATCH during play. Select option in COMPUTER DATABASE to QUIT. THE GAME -------- WATCH the match COMMENTARY and HIGHLIGHTS. See all the action take place, as top teams play for supremacy! Use the transfer market to buy top BRITISH or FOREIGN players! Use your SKILL and JUDGEMENT to win the CUP! HINTS ----- * WATCH BANK BALANCE * USE THE PASSWORD TO GET INTO THE COMPUTER DATABASE * FREE TRANSFERS STILL NEED WAGES * REST PLAYERS WHEN POSSIBLE

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