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The Shadows Of Mordor
Shadows Of Mordor


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THE SHADOWS OF MORDOR INTRODUCTION Welcome to THE SHADOWS OF MORDOR, in which Frodo Baggins and Sam Gamgee continue their quest to destroy the power of the evil Dark Lord, Sauron. THE SHADOWS OF MORDOR is a brilliant piece of fantasy software thanks to the re-working of many of the game's systems by a highly trained team of idiots. The game system will be familiar to players of LORD OF THE RINGS with the exception of the improvements in the flexibility of play. For instance, it is now possible to talk to characters and give them a string of instructions which they will follow in sequence, rather than painstakingly telling them what to do at each and every turn. In order to provide players with the host of problems expected from a high quality computer adventure, it has been necessary to take minor liberties with LORD OF THE RINGS storyline (it wouldn't be much of a game if there was no challenge to interrupt the storyline of Tolkien's master work), and thus we hope that you will see them in the light in which they were intended, and not as blasphemous attempts to butcher one of the great works of fantasy literature. The essential atmosphere of Middle Earth remains unchanged, and we trust that it always shall. Good luck, and don't let the Balrogs bite. GETTING STARTED The Shadows of Mordor is loaded into your computer using the normal procedure for your machine. While loading the cassette, your computer will not load parts of the tape. This is intentional. It is not a loading error. The parts not loaded are used when you fail , or when you end the game so that you can start again. Do not adjust your sets - reality is at fault. Once the game is loaded, you will find yourself being asked the question: WHICH HOBBIT CHARACTERS WOULD YOU LIKE TO PLAY: Frodo or Sam? By typing in the name of one or both hobbits, you enable yourself to assume the identity of the specified character during the game. If you simply hit RETURN without making a choice of character, the computer will assume that you will play the role of Frodo, and you will not have the option of playing the role of Sam. When you choose to play just one character, the computer will take control of the other character and ensure that his actions are in keeping with his personality. It also means that whenever you wish this character to perform specific actions for you, you will need to instruct him by talking to him, using the SAY TO command. When you play more than one character, the computer will perform some basic actions for the hobbit not "in play" - for instance, while you play Frodo, Sam will follow you around (unless told otherwise). If you choose not to play both characters at the beginning of the game, the computer will more fully "animate" your companion. The Command to change from one Hobbit character to another is: BECOME (name) Such as "BECOME FRODO." Note you must add the full stop, and you can only BECOME one of the Hobbit characters you have specified at the beginning of the game. An alternative to the BECOME command is the I AM command, which works in the same way and has the same effect: I AM FRODO. Alternatively, both commands can be omitted, and just the name of the character you wish to become entered: FRODO. You are now ready to commence play. A description of the area around you will now appear, allowing you to perform your first actions as the chosen character. COMMUNICATING WITH THE COMPUTER THE SHADOWS OF MORDOR game includes a very sophisticated program, INGLISH, which can understand your instructions in everyday language. Details of this are given in the LORD OF THE RINGS instructions. THE SCREEN DISPLAY On your screen will appear (in normal script) the adventure description - the text which describes your surroundings, and the happenings around you. Upon entering a new location, the computer will give you a full description of the area, and the objects that are in plain sight. You will be given a list of the exits that you can currently see. The second time that you enter a location, the computer will only give you a brief description of where you are. If you wish to obtain a more complete description, you can simply enter the command LOOK, and the computer will repeat the lengthy text. Below the adventure script, an arrow indicates your "instruction window"; the space in which you will type in the actions that you wish your characters to perform. This will appear on the screen in capital letters. Once you have typed in your commands and hit the RETURN/ENTER key, the computer will either acknowledge your action, or inform you that it does not understand you for some reason. Once the computer has acknowledged an entry, it will print any new text which results from your actions, and then indicate that it is ready to receive a new instruction. LEGENDS AND COMMON KNOWLEDGE For players who are unfamiliar with Tolkien's Middle Earth mythos, we provide the following information on the places and creatures of which Frodo and Sam could be expected to know through legend and rumour. DAGORLAD: The desolate, lifeless plains which lie before the gates of Mordor. "Dagorlad" is the Sindarin word for "Battle plain", for it was here that the might of Sauron was defeated in the final battle of the first war of the Ring. With his armies destroyed in battle, Sauron retreated to his fortress of Barad-Dur, where he was finally defeated in mortal combat after a seven year siege by the forces of the Elves and the men of the west. THE DEAD MARSHES: A gloomy waste of trackless swamps which lie to the west of the plains of Dagorlad. The marshes first began to spread when Sauron once again began to extend his influence into the lands of Mordor during the middle years of the third age, and they soon swallowed the graves of the Men and Elves who were slain in the battle of Dagorlad so many years before. EMYN MUIL: A knotted range of hills which lie between the Anduin river and the Dagorlad plains. HARAD: A patchwork of minor kingdoms and city-states which devote the bulk of their time to warring with the peoples of Gondor. They thus formed a ready made ally for Sauron upon his return to power. MINAS MORGUL: Originally titled Minas Ithil, the "Tower of the rising moon", this twin city to Minas Tirith (the current capital of GONDOR) fell to the NAZGUL and their armies many years before Sauron's re-appearance. Now named Minas Morgul, "the tower of death", the fortified city of Minas Morgul is the home base of the NAZGUL and their evil armies. MORDOR: The realm of Sauron. Already bleak and infertile before the advent of the Dark Lord, Mordor is now chiefly composed of poisoned wastelands and plains of ash. At the centre of the realm lies mount ORODRUIN, the volcano in which the ring of power was forged. Close by lies the fortress of BARAD-DUR, where Sauron holds his court. Mordor is ringed with impassable mountains which provide it with unsurpassable protection against attack. The only two passes through the mountains of shadow are fortified and guarded although the mountains also harbour older secrets of their own. MORGUL VALLEY: The once fair valley in which lies the tower of Minas Morgul. The vallley is now choked with rottenness and decay, poisoned waterways and noxious flowers. NAZGUL: The nine ring-wraiths, perhaps more familiar to the player as the "Black riders" of Game One. After the disaster at the ford of Rivendell, where the Nazgul lost their black horses, Sauron gave his servants fearsome flying creatures which had been bred from eyries discovered in some dark recess of the mountains of shadow. Thus mounted, the Nazgul took to the air to further their search for the ruling ring. SAURON: The Dark lord. The embodiment of evil in Middle Earth. Once thought to have been destroyed during the wars against him in the second age of the world. Sauron has re-arisen to once again attempt to spread his power over all of Middle Earth. Sauron seeks to recover his Ring of power in order to gain the strength that he needs to complete his conquests and enslave all right thinking people everwhere. POSSIBLE ACTIONS: Below is a list of all the verbs that the player will need to play the game. The verb list has been divided into two sections. The first section is composed of directions which the computer will understand for character movement, the rolling of rocks etc. The second section contains the verbs which the characters may use in performing actions. Any verb in this section which is underlined does not take any game time to perform. NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, NORTHEAST, NORTHWEST, SOUTHEAST, SOUTHWEST, UP, DOWN. BECOME, BREAK, BREAK WITH, CLIMB UP, CLIMB DOWN, CLIMB INTO, CLIMB OUT OF, CLIMB ONTO, CLIMB OFF, CLOSE, COOK, DRAG, DROP, DROP IN, EAT, EMPTY, EMPTY ONTO, EXAMINE, FILL, FILL WITH, GET, GET IN, GET OUT, GIVE TO, GO FISHING, GO THROUGH, HELLO, HELP, HOLD UP, INVENTORY [underlined], JUMP OVER, JUMP OFF, JUMP ONTO, JUMP OUT JUMP THROUGH, KILL, KILL WITH, LEVER (direction), LEVER OVER, LIGHT, LIGHT WITH, LOAD [underlined], LOOK [underlined], LOWER, MAKE, NO, OPEN, PAUSE [underlined], POLE, POUR ON, PROMISE, PULL ON, PUT ON, PUT ONTO, PUT OUT, QUIT [underlined], RAISE, REST, ROLL (direction), ROLL OVER, SAVE [underlined], SAY TO [underlined], SCORE [underlined], SPRINKLE ON, SPRINKLE WITH, STOP [underlined], SWIM, TAKE, TAKE OFF, TALK TO [underlined], THANK YOU, THROW AT, TIE WITH, TIE TO, UNTIE, WEAR, YES.

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