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Weeske Public Domaine Volume 230


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NOTICE TEXTE n° 1 (848 o)

SIG/M Volume 230 dBaseII Databases for Scholars Articles, Books and Reference Material Databases -CATALOG.230 contents of SIG/M Volume 230 released May 17, 1985 CRC .COM checksum program USQ .COM unsqueezes squeezed files DELBR .COM to extract library files type DELBR library For CP/M 86 - use USQ.CMD and LU86 in the SIG/M library (including on Vol. 229) to extract libraries and unsqueeze. index name size crc description 230.01 BOOKS .LBR 71K 89 18 database for refernce books 230.02 RETRIEVE.LBR 64K F3 8B article retrieval database 230.03 REFERENC.LBR 82K B3 79 reference material database SIG-M Library -CATALOG Volume Number-230, 03 Files cataloged.

NOTICE TEXTE n° 2 (720 o)

* DATE 05/06/85 18:51 This program is self explanatory and self documented. Please unsqueeze all files. Put the .NDX and .DBF files on drive B and the other files on drive A along with a copy of dBASEII V2.4. Type 'DBASE BOOKS' and the initialization program will lead you through what you have to do. If you are running under CP/M 80 - change the name of BOOKS.PRG to BOOKS.CMD before you run it. If you just want to check out the program, leave dbase in drive A and the all of the files in drive B. From drive A type dbase. At the dot prompt type 'Set default to B'. At the next dot prompt type 'DO BOOKS'. Steve Leon

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