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Soccer Pinball

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SOCCER Pinball LOADING: on the 464 type RUN"(ENTER) on the 664/6128 type |TAPE(ENTER)RUN"(ENTER) CONTROLS Right Flipper = m Left Flipper = z Space bar is spring Left shift + P = Pause Left shift + Q = Quit THE GAME Hip dang doody, hear the crowd roar in this craziest football sim yet. It's flippin' fabby footy fun with this furiously addictive flappy flippers game. It's flashing light city to sound effect central with crashing ricochets, bumper burms, spring flumes and bounce bonuses all the thrills of the real game. Get that bonus, deck the defence then blast to goal. Three goals and it's off to next level. TIPS * Judge the power of the spring * Light up features for bonus points * Knock down the player to eliminate the goalie * Score three goals to advance the level PIN TABLE FEATURES Extra ball every 10,000 points. Mystery features on bonus lanes. Throw in traps. Turnstile extra points. Blast the hooter for half time . Round the lane for super cup challenge. Knock out the the big football for extra balls. Times two mystery bonus flume. Different levels have different teams. Round eight is the final. HELP LINES NEW RELEASE INFO LINE 0891 555 000 (Tells you what is being released this month) If you can't get any further in any of these games and would like us to give hints & tips on how to solve all the puzzles just phone the numbers below. Please don't phone unless you are really stuck and make sure you get permission from the person who pays the phone bill first! SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD, C64 DIZZY 0891 555 093 TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0891 555 091 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY 0891 555 078 LITTLE PUFF 0891 555 094 ROCKSTAR 0891 555 090 MAGICLAND DIZZY 0891 555 096 SLIGHTLY MAGIC 0891 555 050 SEYMOUR GOES TO HOLLYWOOD 0891 555 010 SPIKE IN TRANSYLVANIA 0891 555 051 ATARI ST AND AMIGA TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0891 555 092 LITTLE PUFF 0891 555 095 ROCKSTAR 0891 555 090 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY 0891 555 078 SEYMOUR GOES TO HOLLYWOOD 0891 555 010 SPIKE IN TRANSYLVANIA 0891 555 051 Call costs 36p per minute during off-peak time and 48p per minute at all other times. (GREAT BRITAIN ONLY) CODEMASTERS This excellent game was brought to you by... Game Design Steve Siddle Code Steve Siddle Graphics Michael Sanderson Director Paul Ranson Design Manager Shân Savage Production Stew Regan and Pat Stanley This program, induding code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of CodeMasters Limited and no part may be copied, stored, translated or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of CodeMasters Limited. Made In England Published by CodeMasters Ltd. PO Box 6, Leamington Spa, England. CV33 0SH

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