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The World has fallen into the Dark Ages. The Evil Forces of the Necromancer are creeping to every last corner of the ancient land that was once the powerful domain of the Great Sorcerers. You are the last free Sorcerer, all the others have, one by one, been entrapped by the hideous evil that abounds. You must work quickly travelling every corner of the Kingdom, searching out your fellow Sorcerers. Only when they are all released can you combine your forces and overthrow the Necromancer. The many parts of the land you visit hold certain objects which may or may not be of use. Some will help and some will deceive, some possess strange qualities. The scenery is not all it appears in places and careful searching may reveal secret passages. The freed Sorcerers will unite in the Sanctuary where they will wait for the golden day when you make your way there to join them in your exalted place and defeat the Necromancer once and for all. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Make sure the tape is fully rewound. Press CONTROL and the small ENTER key. Follow the screen commands, i.e. press PLAY on your tape recorder and then press any key on the computer. GAME PLAYING To start press the fire button. You are now in control of the Sorcerer as he starts his quest. Sorcerer rises ^ | | Sorcerer Left <-----+-----> travels | right | v Note: Sorcerer descends by himself As you move from room to room you will encounter various objects, some useful, some essential and some deadly! OBJECTS To pick up an object you must position the sorcerer over it and press the fire button. To use a weapon i.e. killing an evil demon or shooting your magic spells, press the fire button again. You may swap objects but you can never drop objects on their own. You will find out by experience that you need certain objects to allow you to set in action chains of events and allow you passage on your journey. SCREEN DISPLAY On the screen you will find depicted; the room you are in, a description of the room and a description of what you are carrying. Also shown is your energy level and a visual illustration of time left to complete your task. ENERGY You lose energy each time you come into contact with one of the evil forces, so try to avoid them whenever possible. There is a way of renewing your energy but as a Great Sorcerer we're sure its not beyond your powers to work out how to do it! TIME You have a set time in which to complete your journey. This is illustrated by a book that will appear to crumble away with the passage of time. You must free all of the trapped sorcerers before the book disappears or the evil Necromancer will have succeeded in his dark ways. SCREENS You have 40 screens to travel in your quest. Remember that the Necromancer has not made it easy for you and you will need to use strategy and cunning to unlock some of his doors of darkness. STARTING THE GAME You will start the game randomly from any one of five locations. HI-SCORE TABLE After your journey has ended you will, if you have travelled far enough, be allowed to put your name into the Hi-Score table. PAUSING THE GAME To enable you to take a breather (or to answer the 'phone!), you may pause the game by pressing the DELETE (DEL) key. To restart the game, press fire button on the joystick. PROGRAMMED BY GANG OF FIVE, DEVELOPED FROM AN ORIGINAL IDEA BY MARTIN WHEELER All rights of the producer and of the owner of the work being produced are reserved. Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting of this cassette is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, nor liability for damages arising from its use. WARNING: These programs are sold according to VIRGIN GAMES LTD'S terms of trade and conditions of sale. Copies of which are available on request. (P) 1985 VIRGIN GAMES LTD (C) 1985 VIRGIN GAMES LTD.

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