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Sport Of Kings


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THE GAME Experience all the thrills and excitement of a day at the races in this icon driven simulation for up to 5 players. You can choose up to 75 horses to race in any season, to start with they will not have any form so build this up by choosing the 'YES' icon when you are asked if you would like to auto-run some races. To place your bet choose the 'Bookie' icon and then choose one of the four types of bet. Once you have selected your horse and placed your bet you will return to the main menu, choose the race icon and watch the race. If you have a Currah speech unit you will hear the commentary given as the race goes along. Nothing is random in the results, jockeys, weights, going and distances are all carefully calculated for the final outcome. However, the more horses you choose for the season the smaller your chances of winning become. If there are less than eight runners payouts only apply to 1st and 2nd places. CONTROLS Keyboard of Joystick ICONS A) The racing information icon will give details of the next race. B) The race icon will start the next race. C) This icon allows a player to either join or leave a game whenever he likes. D) The 'Bookie' icon allows you to choose your horse and place your bet. E) The icon will give you details of your money status. F) Study the Form Book before placing your bet and this will often give a guide to the possible winners. G) This icon is a save to tape feature. H) This icon allows you to print up the form or racing information. To actually select an icon move the Cursor over it and press fire. The program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Mastertronic and may not be reproduced, stored, hired, or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Mastertronic. All rights reserved. (c) Mastertronic Limited 1986 Made in Great Britain Design and artwork: Word & Pictures Ltd., London.

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