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750cc Grand Prix

Last Update : Tuesday 29 December 2020 at 15 h 01

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750cc GRAND PRIX features some of the fastest, meanest machines on today's racetracks! You'll compete against eight other riders over four internationally famous racing circuits - Silverstone (UK), Japarepagua (Brazil), Monza (Italy) and Paul Ricard (France) - all authentically reproduced in superfast full-colour 3D! Check out the Course Map and learn where the most dangerous corners are! Constantly monitor your bike's condition with the on-screen Status Readouts! Pull into the pits for repairs and refuelling - but don't take too long . . . you must finish in the top three to stay in the game! Eight opponents - Four tracks - One objective - to WIN!!! ______________________________________________ | |_ | LOADING: on the 464 type RUN"(ENTER) | | | on the 664/6128 type |TAPE(ENTER)RUN"(ENTER) | | |______________________________________________| | |_______________________________________________| Loading Problems? Try the B-side of the cassette - it contains an identical copy of the A-side. CONTROLS You can use a Joystick or the Keyboard to control your Bike. ACTION KEYS JOYSTICK Start Game SPACE FIRE Accelerate Q UP Brake A DOWN Steer Left O LEFT Steer Right P RIGHT Engage Turbo SPACE FIRE Pause/Unpause H Quit SHIFT + ESC On the title screen, use left and right to select the number of laps in the race. The Course Map shows the track you are competing on. Hit fire to start the race. You race against eight computer riders and must finish in the top three in order to compete on the next Circuit. The Lap Counter (top-right) shows which lap you are on, and the Position Counter (top-left) shows your race position. Two meters at the top of the screen show your Fuel Level and the condition of your Tyres. Below these are the status readouts for your Accelerator, Brakes, Turbo and Motor - a yellow border appears around the word if one of these features becomes damaged. When the message "PIT IT" appears you can pull off the track into the pits to refuel and repair your bike. Use up and down to select options from the Pit Menu and hold down Fire until the job is complete (the warning indicator disappears). Quick though - it all takes valuable time! Choose EXIT to rejoin the race. HINTS * The TURBO feature is most effective at speeds of over 150 Mph. * Skid too much and you'll blow your tyres out! * If your tyres blow or you run out of fuel your bike will slow to a halt but you won't be disqualified until the other bikes have finished the race - use QUIT to give up instantly. Code Masters are always on the lookout for good Machine Code games programmers and computer artists. If you have written a game which you think is publishable, or have a good graphics demo, please send it to: David Darling, Code Masters, P.O. Box 6, Southam, Warwickshire, England, CV33 0SH. HELP LINES If you can't get any further in any of these games and would like us to give Hints & Tips on how to solve all the puzzles just phone the numbers below. Please don't phone unless you are really stuck and make sure you get permission from the person who pays the phone bill first! SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD, C64 DIZZY 0898 555 093 TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0898 555 091 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY 0898 555 078 LITTLE PUFF 0898 555 094 ROCKSTAR 0898 555 090 ATARI ST AND AMIGA TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0898 555 092 LITTLE PUFF 0898 555 095 ROCKSTAR 0898 555 090 Calls cost 33p per minute during off-peak time and 44p per minute at all other times. (GREAT BRITAIN ONLY) This game was brought to you by: Design & Programming Ken Murfitt Project Manager Tim Miller Production Stewart Regan & Shân Savage This program, including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd. Made in England Published by CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd. PO Box 6, Leamington Spa, England CV33 0SH

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