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A Question Of Sport

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QUESTION OF SPORT Welcome to 'A Question of sport'. the home computer version. Introduced by David Coleman, with team captains Ian Botham and Bill Beaumont. You at last have the chance to compete in the B.B.C's most popular TV sports quiz of 1988 on the same kind of one-to-one basis as your favourtie sporting stars do on the show itself. In selected verisons you can play as Bill's or Ian's team with the options of a one-or two-player game. You can pit your wits against your family. Your friends or if you're on your own against your computer and you don't have to wait for the show to appear on TV. Now you can play whenever you feel in the mood! The game has six exciting rounds that will test your knowledge of the sporting world to the limit. Round 1 - Pictureboard Round 2 - Mystery Personailty Round 3 - Home or Away Round 4 - What happened next Round 5 - Quick fire round Round 6 - Another Pictureboard round To ensure that this version of ' A Question of Sport' provides many hours of entertainment and education. It has been designed to minimise the repetition of question and answers. Selected versions of 'A Question of Sport' will therefore prompt you after you have played four games to load a new question block (to do this see the playing instructions). Other versions may start to repeat some questions after four games. When this happens you are recommended to select another question block which contains fresh questions. 'A Question of Sport' is an enthralling game for young and old alike and the only limit is your own knowledge. Good luck! LOADING INSTRUCTIONS SPECTRUM 48K LOAD"" RETURN SPECTRUM 128K Use LOADER SPECTRUM +3 Use LOADER PLAYING INSTRUCTIONS SPECTRUM joystick and predelined keys Players 1& 2 Q - up O - left P - right A - down SPACE BAR - SELECT D - SPEED UP & SLOW DOWN The BBC and A Question of Sport are trade marks of the British Broadcasting Corporation 1986 The British Broadcasting Corporation

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