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Terminator 2 Judgment Day

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TERMINATOR 2 It is the near future... battle rages between man and machine. Yet despite the awesome power of the machines the rebels are winning, until Skynet, the computer that controls the machines sends a Terminator through time to destroy the rebel leaders' mother, Sarah Connor, who is living in the time '1984'. They failed. Undaunted, another Terminator was sent back in time to 1994 to strike at John Connor, the future rebel leader, who is still a child at the time. The resistance must protect the child. Again the rebels were able to send a lone warrior to protect him. This time they will fight on the enemy's terms. This time a machine will battle one of its kind. LOADING SPECTRUM 128/+2/+2A (128K ONLY) CASSETTE Place the cassette in the recorder ensuring that it is fully rewound. Select LOADER option and press the ENTER key. Follow on-screen instructions. SPECTRUM +3 DISK Set up system and switch on as described in your instruction manual. Insert disk and press ENTER to choose LOADER option. This program will then load automatically. AMSTRAD CPC 464 Place the rewound cassette in the deck, type RUN" and then press the ENTER/RETURN key. Follow the instructions as they appear on-screen. If there is a disk drive attached then type |TAPE then press the ENTER/RETURN key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key (The symbol is obtained by holding shift and pressing the @ key) TAPE NOTE: This game loads in a number of parts - follow the on-screen instructions. CPC 664 AND 6128 Connect a suitable cassette tape recorder ensuring that the correct leads are attached as defined in the User Instruction Booklet. Place the rewound tape in the cassette recorder and type |TAPE then press the ENTER/RETURN key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key. Follow the on-screen instructions. DISK Insert the program disk into the drive with the A side facing upwards. Type |DISC and press the ENTER/RETURN key to make sure that the machine can access the drive. Now type RUN "DISC and press ENTER/RETURN, the game will load automatically. CONTROLS Note: There is no pause option during the bonus round. SPECTRUM You can play this one-player game using the keyboard (which is fully definable) or joystick. AMSTRAD You can play this one-player game using the keyboard or joystick. PRESET KEYBOARD KEYS P - PAUSE/UNPAUSE Q - UP A - DOWN L - RIGHT K - LEFT SPACE - FIRE JOYSTICK LEFT - WALK LEFT RIGHT - WALK RIGHT UP - HEAD BUTT DOWN - CROUCH UP & FIRE - UPPERCUT DOWN & FIRE - KNEE LEFT & FIRE - PUNCH RIGHT & FIRE - KICK STATUS AND SCORING Points are awarded as follows:- BIKE LEVEL: 50 points bonus - collect spherical light storm objects 100 points bonus - collect spherical light storm objects life bonus - collect spherical star ball object The score will increment continually for as long as the player survives. HELICOPTER LEVEL: 250 points per hit on helicopter The score will increment continually for as long as the player survives. SWAT LEVEL: 100 points per man COMBAT LEVEL: 300 points per bullet 100 points per long range hit 50 points per close range hit 5000 POINTS ARE AWARDED FOR EACH LEVEL COMPLETED. The status panel displays:- The faces of the characters in play and energy remaining. GAMEPLAY LEVEL 1 You are in control of the T101 Terminator. You must defeat the T1000 temporarily, to allow John to escape. LEVEL 2 Take control of the T101 and John on a Harley Davidson motorbike. Manoeuvre your way through a storm drain, whilst being pursued by the T1000 in an articulated lorry. Every time you crash into an object the T101 loses energy. Crashing into the lorry means that John loses energy. LEVEL 3 In this section you must perform a minor operation on the T101's arm. This is achieved by moving the flashing cursor around the grid and arranging the blocks in the correct order. This level is timed. Achieving 100% puzzle completion will regain all of the T101's energy. LEVEL 4 The T101 must gain enough time for Sarah and John to escape in the lift to the car park. LEVEL 5 Your task is to rearrange the blocks on the T101's face until they match up to the original picture. This level is timed and 100% completion will give T101 full energy. LEVEL 6 T101 is in control of the SWAT van making his escape with Sarah and John Connor. He is being pursued by T1000 in a helicopter. Sarah can fire at the helicopter from the back of the van. You must disable the helicopter's controls by shooting at it. To target the helicopter steady the van for a couple of seconds. Beware of the traffic on the freeway and the shots from the helicopter. LEVEL 7 T101 must battle it out for the last time with the T1000 whose ability to regenerate has been lost through immersion in liquid nitrogen. Therefore, any damage the T1000 takes will now be permanent. HINTS AND TIPS On the Motor bike level learn the route and collect as many Life bonuses as possible. Combat sections - don't retreat, keep attacking and make your bullets count. Helicopter level - keep moving, make it hard for the T1000 to target you. Bonus (puzzle) levels - If you cannot complete the puzzle try to end with as many tiles in the correct position as possible. TERMINATOR 2 THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY DEVELOPED AND MANUFACTURED TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR LOADING, CAREFULLY. If for any reason you have difficulty in running the program you may contact our Ocean Helpline direct by telephoning 0626 332533. However if you believe that the product is defective please return it direct to: Mr. Yates, Ocean Software Limited, 6 Central Street, Manchester, M2 5NS. Our quality control department will test the product and supply a replacement if we find a fault. If we cannot find a fault the product will be returned to you at no extra charge. Please note that this does not affect your statutory rights. CREDITS TERMINATOR 2(TM) & (c)1991 Carolco International N.V. All Rights Reserved. Conversion by Dementia LJN(R) is a registered trademark of LJN Ltd. (c) 1991 LJN. All rights reserved. (c) 1991 Ocean Software Limited. ------------- | ChildLine | | | Childline is the free national helpline for children and young | /-------\ | people in trouble or danger. It provides a confidential | \/+---+\/ | counselling service for any child with any problem, 24 hours a | / \___/ \ | day, every day of the year. Childline listens, comforts and | |_______| | protects. | 0800 1111 | -------------

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