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Terra Cognita

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TERRA COGNITA ------------- By Stepher Curtis - Author of original bestseller NON TERRAQUEOUS GREAT GRAPHICS Arcad action, ultra-fast smooth scrolling, brilliant graphics, professional sound effects, 100 scenes - all make this sequel to Non Terraqueous, one of the best yet from Stephen Curtis. SMOOTH SCROLLING JOYSTICK OR KEYBOARD THE SCENE Far into the future, on Krion, a remote barren planet orbiting a dying Sun, three Mining Engineers discover the remains of a Warrior Robot, just its head - one curious Engineer kicked the head, it began to speak and told a terrible tale of mankind's destruction on Krion... ...and then the ground beneath bagan to vibrate, the dust parted, revealing a smooth artificial surface - and they saw that the Warrior Robot head was attached by thick cables to what they were standing on! Suddenly the head spoke again, this time of revenge... CONTROLS: KEYS Q = UP A = DOWN O = LEFT P = RIGHT SYMBOL SHIFT = FIRE PLAYING TERRA-COGNITA The game is shown on plan view, with the landscape scrolling down. You play the role of the escaping Mining Engineer, escaping in his small scout ship. You have to make your way over 100 screens of tortuous terrain to the mother ship waiting at the end. But its not easy! The computer has activated force field beams that rise up off the surface. Should the ship hit them, your ship will explode. Droids, controlled by the computer come at you, in wave after wave. Avoid them, or you will again explode! You have equipped a photon lazer beam, that will shatter the Droids into a thousand pieces. It does NOT have automatic repeat. Flying over the surface uses up fuel. Your current fuel status is shown as a bar at the top of the screen. Should you run out of fuel you will plummet to the surface of the planet and explode. You can pick up fuel by flying over fuel zones. You have available to you 3 speeds. These are dehyped proton drive (slow), standard proton drive (medium), and warp drive (fast). Upon entering or exiting these speeds the screen will flash. YOU CAN ONLY MAINTAIN THE SLOW AND FAST SPEEDS FOR A SHORT WHILE. Shooting the Droids gives extra points, You can however pick up BONUS points by flying over a bonus area. Avoid the time shift!! These will disrupt the space/time continuum, and take you back to screen one. Every time you die, you start off on a launch pad. These launch pads are the only flashing things you can fly over. You can pick up extra lives. You can pick up force field generators that make you invincible for a short period only, from the Drods only. REMEMBER: IF IT FLASHES, AND IS NOT A LAUNCH PAD, AVOID IT! This program including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of Codemasters Software Co. Ltd. and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of Codemasters Software Co. Ltd.

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