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The Legend Of Apache Gold

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_______________________________________________________________________________ THE MEDALLION ADVENTURE SERIES _______________________________________________________________________________ Apache Gold is the first in the series of Medallion Graphic Adventures. The Medallion adventure award is only given to the very best adventures written using the Graphic Adventure Creator. The Graphic Adventure Creator & Medallion graphic adventures are available from all leading retailers and also direct from the publishers, Incentive Software Ltd, 2 Minerva House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire RG7 4QW. _______________________________________________________________________________ LOADING INSTRUCTIONS _______________________________________________________________________________ Reset the computer by pressing the CTRL, SHIFT and ESC keys at the same time. Put the cassette into the recorder, then rewind, press the CTRL and small ENTER keys together and then press the recorder's PLAY button followed by any key. The program will run automatically when loaded. _______________________________________________________________________________ THE LEGEND OF APACHE GOLD _______________________________________________________________________________ 2 AM. In the saloon bar of an old west town known as "SKINTSVILLE". You, LUKE WARME, sip on your tenth and last shot of liquor. No money and down on your luck, you wonder where your next drink is going to come from. Among the smokey, noisy atmosphere, you just manage to pick out the voices of some old timers sitting at a nearby table: "Yep Jake, The legend goes that them pesky indians bury their gold in the grave of their chief. I hear that one of the APACHE chiefs has just kicked the bean-can. Only trouble is there are some mighty strange powers at work in their territory ..." Gold ... GOLD! That's music to my ears Mister! Strange powers or not I'm gonna git ma hands on it! _______________________________________________________________________________ PLAYING THE ADVENTURE _______________________________________________________________________________ To move around and perform any actions in the game, you must enter instructions in the form of sentences. Simple commands: "NORTH" moves you north: "EXAMINE THE CANOE" gives you a closer look at the canoe. More complex commands: "ENTER THE WAGON AND FEED THE HORSE" or "GO NORTH AND GO EAST THEN CUT THE ROPE AND TAKE IT" The sentences may be connected together with "AND" or "THEN" or a COMMA. The word "IT" will be interpreted as the last noun you typed in. ie: in the example above - the ROPE. Don't forget to TALK to some of the characters you meet! If you want to switch off the pictures type "WORDS". To switch them back on type "PICTURES". If you forget where you are or what you have TAKEN type "LOOK" and "INVENTORY" respectively. Have FUN! GO GET THAT GOLD PARTNER!

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