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TITAN by TITUS 1 - GETTING STARTED: CBM 64/128 Cassette - On Commodore 128, type : GO64, then press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys together. - On Commodore 64 and SX64, turn on your screen, verify that there's no cartridge plugged into your computer. Turn on your computer, insert the TITAN cassette in your recorder and press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys together. SPECTRUM Cassette - Type LOAD»» and press ENTER key. Press PLAY on your recorder. SPECTRUM +2 Cassette - Turn on your monitor and your computer. Insert your TITAN cassette in your recorder and press ENTER key. AMSTRAD CPC Cassette - Turn on your computer and press CTRL and SMALL ENTER keys. Press PLAY on the cassette recorder. AMSTRAD CPC Disk - Turn on your computer, insert your TITAN disk in your disk drive and type /CPM and press ENTER 2- Controls: - Commodore 64/128 : RESTORE go to menu F3 key switches the sound on/off F7 key to hold/pause the game A........... Up Z............ Down <............ Left >............ Right SPACE BAR ....... Changes the speed of the scrolling. - Spectrum: P key to hold/pause the game During the game, you are controlling your racket with a joystick or one of following keys: Q,A,Z and X Q............UP A............DOWN Z............LEFT X........... RIGHT CAPS....Changes the speed of the scrolling. - Amstrad CPC : ESC key to lose current life CTRL+ESC go to the menu screen SHIFT+ESC to quit current game SHIFT+CTRL+ESC reset computer During the game, you are controlling your racket with a joystick or one of the arrow keys. Space Bar changes the speed of the scrolling. At the end of the game, you can put your name beside your score. You do this by choosing the letters of your name one by one with the cursor. You move the cursor with the arrow keys on the keyboard. Press the space bar to store each individual letter. When you have finished entering your name, move the cursor to the END display and press the space bar again. Your new score is now stored on the disk. 3- THE STORY: The year is 2114, the place: Vegapolis. Professor Hybrys, the genius behind all analytic conceptors, is the creator of a brand new leisure axle wich has been driving crowds mad. The fabulous 1000 Kronurs bonus to the winner of TITAN attracts the wildest adventurers. But the game is deadly and all have died somewhere along the 80 levels. To succeed you must guide the power ball accross 80 immense and synthetic worlds using just one magical and magnetic racket, whilst avoiding all manner of death icons. The ultra fast scrolling, the multi coloured graphics, the variety of gameplay, and the sheer speed of the game have already caused mental breakdowns. You have been warned !! 4- YOUR MISSION: You must complete each of the 80 levels (16 in the amstrad cassette version) either by eliminating all the bricks on the screen or by hitting the EXIT brick with the ball. At the start, you have to choose your player number (between 0 - 9). In subsequent games by entering your number you will be able to start each new game at the level you finished your previous game. Also by pulling down on the joystick you can start at a lower level. (This option does not exist in the cassette versions). You will lose a life if the racket hits a white skull or if the ball hits a white or green skull. If you move your racket over the ball, then the ball will move in the opposite direction to that of the racket. You can catch and freeze the ball by moving the racket over the ball. From this position the ball will move in the opposite direction to that of your racket, when you move your racket again. The ball can go through red passage ways but not green ones. The racket can go through green passage ways but not red ones. One element has an extraordinary quality, namely the ENERGIZER (a brick with a shaded blue E in its centre). If you move your racket over this brick then the positions of the ball and the racket are reversed. There are also solid indestructable bricks in certain levels and these can be moved around the screen by your racket and used to cover entrances to skulls etc... Watch out for the blue oil spots, as your racket will become uncontrollable until you make contact with the wall area. There are some blocks with dots on them which you can pass through, however each time you do so, they become darker until they become totaly solid. Once this happens you are no longer able to pass through them and so you may find yourself trapped in the wrong area of the screen! Scores: Each eliminated brick will give you 100 points on the first stage, 200 points on the second stage... 8000 points on the 80th stage. A slowly dissapearing brick will only give you points once it has fully dissapeared. (value being the same as around). IMP. METAIS s.a. - 95110 SANNOIS TITUS COPYRIGHT 1988

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