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TITANIC TM Despite all efforts to find the Titanic, it remained hidden beneath the cold waters of the North Atlantic ... until now. Professor R M Kenrick, marine archaeologist and researcher extraordinaire had at last found its resting place. As it was lying in a trench a mile below the surface he realised that no man could survive at such a depth using conventional equipment. His assistant's only chance of survival and success would be to wear a diving suit made from a special material invented by Professor Kenrick. Control this brave aquanaut on his fascinating adventure, fraught with many dangers, to unlock the secret of the Titanic. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Amstrad CPC Cassette: Press CTRL and small ENTER keys together. Press PLAY on the cassette recorder. Upon completing the first level you will be presented with a password enabling you to continue to the second level. Rewind the cassette, reset your computer and repeat the loading procedure above. At the menu, select level 2 and enter the password. CONTROLS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Either a joystick or keyboard can be used. Default keys are as follows: Up = Q, Down = A, Left = O, Right = P, Fire = Spacebar, Pause = 0. These keys can be changed using the 'REDEFINE KEYS' option on the main menu. THE UNDERWATER CAVES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To reach the Titanic, you will first have to go through the underwater caves, full of sharks, manta rays, killer fish and seaweed that can leave you without one single bubble of oxygen in just a few seconds. There is only one route to reach the cave's exit with the TITANIC lying just a few metres from it. CAUTION: Some paths have no exit and others can prove to be fatal traps. THE TITANIC ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are successful in reaching the Titanic, the game will give you clues to reach the second stage. Once inside the ship you will find that it is filled with many underwater enemies such as swordfish, anemones, medusas and the extremely dangerous octopus. Avoid them at all costs. At this stage your objective is to reach the room where the safe is kept and once there, to open it. However, in order to do this, you first have to find the lever to open the doors that have become stuck, and the dynamite. There is only one correct way to reach the room with the safe. You must try not to deviate from your path, since any error would be fatal. OXYGEN ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oxygen is vital in this adventure. You have an indicator at the bottom lower left, showing the amount you have left. Oxygen bottles can be found throughout the ship, but should only be used when your existing oxygen is almost gone. Seaweed, fish, anemones and cables will take oxygen from you whenever you get near them. It is very important that you ration the oxygen; while there is enough to complete your task, if you get careless and waste it, for example, taking full bottles when it is not necessary, you will not be able to complete the mission. HARPOONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The only weapon you have for doing away with underwater enemies is the harpoon with which you can take at most ten shots. As was the case with the oxygen, a number of harpoons are distributed throughout the adventure, that you may use when you wish. With the harpoon you will be able to kill fish and other underwater enemies except, of course, the seaweed and other stationary obstacles. HELP ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Find the places where oxygen can be found but try not to take a new bottle unless yours is practically empty. Certain underwater enemies tend to hide where you will have difficulty detecting them. Observe carefully all the places into which you are going. COPYRIGHT TOPO 1988 licensed to KIXX. Copyright subsists on this program. Unauthorised reproduction, transmission, rental or loan of this program is prohibited without express authority of ERBE SOFTWARE, S.A. ________________________________________________________ | | ---------------------------------------------------------------- OTHER KIXX TITLES AVAILABLE FROM LEADING STOCKISTS ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | | GAUNTLET | | KRAKOUT o SUPERCYCLE | | WAY OF THE TIGER | | ACE OF ACES o BRAVESTARR | | SPY HUNTER o BLACKBEARD* | | FOOTBALLER OF THE YEAR | | WORLD GAMES o COLOSSEUM* | | INFILTRATOR o TRANTOR | | METROCROSS o LEADERBOARD | | * KIXX EXCLUSIVE | | | | IF YOU ENCOUNTER ANY DIFFICULTY OBTAINING | | THE ABOVE PRODUCTS MAKE OUT A CHEQUE OR POSTAL | | ORDER FOR £2.99 + 50p (P & P) TO KIXX, UNITS 2/3, | | HOLFORD WAY, HOLFORD, BIRMINGHAM, B6 7AX | | ALLOW 28 DAYS FOR DELIVERY. SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY. | |________________________________________________________| ________________________________________________________ | | ---------------------------------------------------------------- NEW TITLES COMING SOON FROM KIXX ---------------------------------------------------------------- | | | SOLOMON'S KEY | | | | HARDBALL | | | | SILENT SHADOW* | | | | ROLLING THUNDER | | | | ROAD RUNNER | | | | 720° | | | | STAR DUST | | | | | | KIXX EXCLUSIVE* | |________________________________________________________|

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