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Top Cat
Top Cat Starring In Beverly hills Cats


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Manual n° 2

TOP CAT starring in BEVERLY HILLS CATS (Hi-Tec Software) When an old lady leaves her worldly fortune to Benny the Ball because her only rightful heir, Amy, is missing, Top Cat and the rest of the gang end up in Beverly Hills in the luxury of Madam Van Der Gelt's mansion. Snerdly, the butler, is next in line if he can get rid of Benny. In between rides in the limo and having fun around the pool, will T.C. and his gang save Benny and find the missing Amy? THE OBJECT OF THE GAME You play the part of Top Cat. In the first area - The Alley - T.C. must round up the existing members of the gang and find the bone that will distract 'Crusher' the dog, allowing T.C. to progress to the next area. DEFAULT KEYS: Q - Up A - Down O - Left P - Right Space - Collect an object; hold down for a longer period to enter "object drop" mode. F - Freeze - 'Fire' to restart THE OBJECTS In order to complete the game, it is necessary to solve certain puzzles by dropping objects in different places; eg. a key will open a gate, etc. Some puzzles award T.C. with bonus points; eg. placing litter in dustbins. Throughout the game energy (milk bottles) must be collected. Watch out for the sour ones. Likewise fruit can be picked up for extra points - be careful, it may be rotten. To drop an object, enter "drop object" mode. A flashing cursor will highlight the currently selected object. This can be moved left or right using the appropriate controls. Once the object is chosen, press Fire to drop it. If by accident "object drop" mode is activated, any other key except 'left', 'right' or 'fire' will restart the game. HINTS & TIPS Try not to lose too much energy at once as the gang may get scared and decide to run off. They must be found again before that area can be left. Beware, some skateboarders will pinch objects from T.C. and place them randomly elsewhere. (c) 1990 Hanna-Barbara Productions Inc. (c) P.A.L. Developments 1990 Design & Print: Marketing Advertising Design Services Programmed by: Dave Thompson Graphics by: Richard Morton Illustration: Julie Hebdon

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