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The Untouchables
Les Incorruptibles
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THE U N T O U C H A B L E S AMSTRAD CPC SPECTRUM 464/664/6128 48/128/+2/+3 /-------\ | ocean | \-------/ THE UNTOUCHABLES THRILLING ACTION ON THE STREETS OF CHICAGO Scenario Original and diverse arcade-style sections put you in control of Elliot Ness's elite squad of crime busters. The Warehouse Bust, the Border Raid, The Alleyway Shootouts, the Railway Station Confrontation and the final Rooftop Duel enable you to re-live the knife-edge existence of Elliot Ness as you crusade through 1920's Chicago in search of Capone's retribution. Take on the Mob as you lead the Untouchables on their most exciting and difficult mission! With six levels of explosive action and a thrilling denouement. THE UNTOUCHABLES....LIVE AN AMERICAN LEGEND SPECTRUM LOADING CASSETTE 1. Place the cassette in your recorder ensuring that it is fully rewound. 2. Ensure that the MIC socket is disconnected and that the volume and tone controls are set to the appropriate levels. 3. If the computer is a Spectrum 48K or Spectrum+ then load as follows:- Type LOAD"" (ENTER). (Note there is no space between the quotes). The " is obtained by pressing the SYMBOL SHIFT and P keys simultaneously. 4. Press PLAY on your recorder and the game will load automatically. If you have any problems try adjusting the volume and tone controls and consulting Chapter 6 of the Spectrum manual. 5. If the computer is a Spectrum 128K then follow the loading instructions on-screen or in the accompanying manual. 48K: The game loads in 5 sections. Once a section has been loaded, you remain on this level until it has been completed. Then follow on screen instructions to progress onto the next level. 128K: The first three levels load in one part then follow on screen instructions for further levels as required. SPECTRUM +3 DISK Set up system and switch on as described in your instruction manual. Insert disk and press ENTER to choose 'LOADER' option. This program will then load automatically. Please ensure disk is in drive throughout game - follow on screen instructions. AMSTRAD CPC 464 Place the rewound cassette in the deck, type RUN" and then press ENTER/RETURN key. Follow the instructions as they appear on screen. If there is a disk drive artached then type | TAPE then press ENTER/RETURN key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key. (The | symbol is obtained by holding shift and pressing the @ key.) CPC 664 and 6128 Connect a suitable cassette tape recorder ensuring that the correct leads are attached as defined in the User Instruction Booklet. Place the rewound tape in the cassette recorder and type | TAPE then press ENTER/RETURN key. Then type RUN" and press ENTER/RETURN key follow the instructions as they appear on screen. PLEASE NOTE: Amstrad 64K: This is a multi-load game, follow on screen instructions. Amstrad 128K: The first sections load in one part then follow on screen instructions to load further levels as required. DISK Insert the program disk into the drive with the A side facing upwards. Type |DISC and press ENTER/RETURN to make sure the machine can access the disk drive. Now type RUN"DISC and press ENTER/RETURN, the game will load automatically. CONTROLS The game may be controlled by either keyboard or Joystick. This is a one player game only. Preset Keys Q - UP A - DOWN O - LEFT P - RIGHT SPACE - FIRE H - PAUSE GAME (Pressing H while game is paused will abort the game) THE JOYSTICK AND KEYS CAN BE RE-DEFINED FROM THE MENU PAGE. JOYSTICK UP ^ | | LEFT <------+------> RIGHT | | v DOWN STATUS AND SCORING PANEL DISPLAYS FROM LEFT TO RIGHT:- LEVEL 1 Score, Time remaining, Evidence Collected, Energy, Extra weaponry and direction indicator on top right of screen. LEVEL 2 Score, time remaining, sight, energy level and below this a liquor seized indicator. LEVEL 3 Score, time remaining, shotgun gauge, energy level and liquor seized indicator. LEVEL 4 Score, Ness's energy and baby energy. LEVEL 5 Score, Time, Stone's energy and Accountant's energy. LEVEL 6 Score, Time and Energy. Your score is increased by shooting gangsters. Big bonuses are obtained for completing a level. Your energy level is depicted by caricatures of the Untouchables. The more you see of Capone the weaker The Untouchables. GAMEPLAY SECTION 1 - THE WAREHOUSE You find out that Capone's thugs are working in a derelict warehouse, bootlegging liquor. You bust in on them in an attempt to break up their operation. However, this surprise attack yields a few bonuses, as some of Capones' bookkeepers are present, and you must take the opportunity of capturing them in order to gather preliminary evidence of his activities. An arrow will guide you to the evidence when it is present in the building. You may also pick up extra ammunition and extra energy. SECTION 2 Acting in information gained from the warehouse raid, you attempt to thwart an illegal liquor run at the U.S./Canadian border. Armed with a Tommy Gun you and your men must find the liquor by avoiding Capone's henchmen and collect it by shooting the barrels until they explode. Untouchables may be changed by going to the far left or far right of the play area and shooting the bottom right corner of the character icon that appears on screen. SECTION 3 - The Alleys Getting a tip-off from one of the men at the border, you head for the train station where Capone's accountant is trying to leave the country. You must get to him (and the evidence) before the train leaves. Capone's mob hear of your intentions and will try anything to thwart the Untouchables mission. As you progress through the streets of Chicago, on your way to the Train Station, you are confronted by ambushes at every turn. You must eliminate all of your attackers before you can safely reach the station. Characters can be changed only when in a defensive position against the wall, and by moving to the character icon and shooting the bottom right of it. SECTION 4 - The Train Station As Ness awaits the arrival of the accountant, he helps a woman lift her baby in a pram up the stairs of the railway station. Before he reaches the top Capone's accountant arrives with an armed escort and opens fire. He lets go of the pram and starts to fire back. You must guide the pram to the bottom of the concourse avoiding enemy fire and any obstructions. You must also avoid shooting any innocent bystanders as your try to destroy Capone's men. You may replenish your energy by running over medical packs. SECTION 5 - The Hostage Realizing he is the last one left in the Station, One of Capone's henchmen takes the accountant hostage at gunpoint and threatens to shoot him in ten seconds if you do not lay down your arms. You must shoot him within that time, scoring a perfect fatal hit, if you are to succeed. SECTION 6 - The Rooftop With the evidence all collected, Capone is in court for the trial. His head Hitman, Frank Nitty, is still at large however, and you must chase him across the court roof top and avenge Malone's death. This is the final and bloody shootout which, if successful, will result in Nitty falling to his death. HINTS AND TIPS Learn map layouts for increased manoeuvrability. Try not to hang around too long on any level. Certain members of the Untouchables must remain alive for specific sections. The Movie may give you a clue. Learn how the mobsters act, to devise suitable tactics against them. Switch between your Untouchables quickly if one is low on energy as they regain power when inactive. THE UNTOUCHABLES Its program code is the copyright of Ocean Software Limited and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the permission of Ocean Software Limited. All rights reserved worldwide. THIS SOFTWARE PRODUCT HAS BEEN CAREFULLY DEVELOPED AND MANUFACTURED TO THE HIGHEST QUALITY STANDARDS. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY THE INSTRUCTIONS FOR LOADING. If for any reason you have difficulty in running the program and believe that the product is defective, please rerum it direct to: Mr Yates, Ocean Software Limited, 6 Central Street, Manchester M2 5NS. Our quality control department will test the product and supply an immediate replacement if we find a fault. If we cannot find a fault the product will be returned to you at no charge. Please note that this does not affect your statutory rights. CREDITS TM and © 1989 PARAMOUNT PICTURES. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PROGRAMMING BY JAMES HIGGINS GRAPHICS BY MARTIN MCDONALD MUSIC BY JOHNATHAN DUNN PRODUCED BY JON WOODS © 1989 OCEAN SOFTWARE LTD.

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