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Trans Muter

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TRANSMUTER ---------- BY IAN RICHARDS TRANSMUTER - a new kind of weapon. This sci-fi Arcade game features excellent smooth scrolling, incredible terrain, vector graphics sections and subterrainian caverns. Fast reactions and a cool nerve are a necessity. JOYSTICK OR KEYBOARD GRAPHICS BY JAMES WILSON Music by David Whittaker STORYLINE Far, far into the future the sun - heart of the solar system - grew old and bloated into an unsustaining red giant. Man had no choice but to burrow underground, using the heat from the planet's core to survive. Generation after generation burrowed deeper and deeper into the planet leaving level after level of deadly machines guarding the retrating human. Finally a ship was created from the ores abundant in the mantle of the earth and the last descendants of man were able to leave the dying planet and travel to far off worlds. Only the fighting machines remained, endlessly guarding the humans who had long since left. You are Overlord Tenz, one of the newborn from the first off-world colonies. Having been chosen you must return to the cold still planet to penetrate and eventually destroy all the subterrainian defence systems. You must spring the trap your ancestors left, to save any unwary space-travellers. The ship you now find yourself in is a one-off 'total aggression' fighting machine. It has a standard photon cannon but something very unstandard lurks at its heart - a Nucleonic TRANSMUTER. This sucks in raw energy from around the ship, through titanium scoops. This is injected into the transmuter which can convert the energy into many pre-programmed forms. Raw energy is abundant where molecular breakdown is taking place. i.e. The more ships, tanks, - anything you blast, the more raw energy your ship can inhale. KEYBOARD CONTROLS The default keys are Z-LEFT, J-DOWN, I-UP, X-RIGHT, N-SELECT, M-FIRE. To redefine these to keys of your choice use option 4. When you have enough points an option to transmute will be displayed, such as SPEED which increases your velocity, if you want to accept this option press the SELECT key. If you are playing with a joystick use SPACE to accept the option. Made in England. This program including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of Codemasters Software Co. Ltd. and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of Codemasters Software Co. Ltd.

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