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Acro Jet The Advanced Flight Simulator


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ACROJET ------- Variations from the Commodore Version MSX - 1 Machines - The controls are identical Load: Type Run "CAS: R SPECTRUM 1. Caps shift & 1 - F1 / Caps shift & 3 - F3 / Caps shift & 5 - F5 2. When you push a key together with CTRL key on Commodore press key only not CTRL on Spectrum. 3. When WGS high score appears on screen use 'S' key to save high score to tape, and or 'L' key for loading a high score from tape. 4. Shift R - Restart game 5. Use interface 2 with joystick or keys 6, 7, 8, 9, 0 for controlling plane. To control back up throttle use keys Q and E. Q for decreasing, E for increasing. Loading: Type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Press PLAY on your tape recorder. AMSTRAD:- All controls are identical with the exception of: 1. Joystick only for plane control. 2. On menu screens you can use Joystick or Arrow keys. 3. Function keys F1 = Key 1, F3 = Key 3, F5 = Key 5 Etc. 4. As Spectrum point 3. (Loading from disk saving and loading is to/from disk, loading from tape is to/from tape. Loading: Cass: Press CTRL and SMALL ENTER and then press PLAY on your cassette recorder. Disk: Hold down SHIFT and type @ for | and type CPM and press ENTER and game will load automatically.

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