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Refer to Tape/Disc label to run the program. Press the SPACE BAR to start/stop the scrolling of the instructions. FEATURES: The game contains many varied creatures, and locations. It has continuous music, and speech with the SSA1. There is a special Hi-score table with bouncing sprites, and the graphics and explosions are quite realistic. SCORE: The amount collected is in pounds/pence, plus a grade from A TO E. ENERGY: The game commences with a full supply of energy (40 units), and when this runs out, you die and the funeral march is played. Note: When energy is low, the music will change to warn you. Use the energy line to judge our current status: GREEN = Okay YELLOW = Be careful RED = Danger Energy is affected in the following ways: Hit a moving creature or golden ball - lose 4 units Kill a moving creatures - gain 2 units Fire a super elastic piece of gum - lose 1 unit Get food, drink or money - gain 1 unit Touch deadly objects - lose 1 unit Jump out a window - lose 3 units Collect a red hammer - energy replenished Drive an electric car - energy replenished The tape is duplicated at 2 speeds. It's failure to load at the higher speed does not indicate a fault condition. © ADVANCE SOFTWARE PROMOTIONS LTD. All rights of this work are reserved. Copying, lending, broadcasting, hiring, transmission, distribution or resale is prohibited without our express permission.

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