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G H O U L S AMSTRAD MICRO POWER LTD. Loading Instructions: --------------------- Reset the computer by holding down CTRL, SHIFT and ESC keys together in that order. Insert the cassette with the label facing upward and ensure that the tape is fully rewound. Press CTRL and small ENTER keys simultaneously, press PLAY on the data recorder then any key. When the game has finished loading remember to press STOP on the recorder. The Game: --------- Many have tried to rescue the power jewels from the creepy mansion on the top of the hill. None have lived to tell the tale. Now it is up to you to try to wrest the treasure from the mansion's deadly inhabitants. Run through the Spectre's Lair, Horrid Hall, the Spiker's Parlour and Death Tower. Leap over the poison-smeared spiker scampers along the moving platforms and contracting floorboards, run past boucing spiders, and use the powerful springs to proper you onto overhanging ledges. Consuming the yellow titbits eams you extra points and eating a stray power jewel causes the ghost(s) to disappear for about 15 seconds. A bonus score in the top right hand corner of the screen counts from 50 down to zero. If you don't reach the top of the screen within this time limit you lose a life. You start with 4 lives. An extra life is awarded every four screens. Games Controls: --------------- Plug in a joystick or use the following keys : Z <--- X ---> SHIFT (jump) 'P' pauses the game and 'O' resumes play. Pressing ESC during the game returns you to the hi-score table. Press ESC here to return to the instructions. If you have any problems: ------------------------- There are two copies of the program on the cassette. If you cannot get the second version to load try cleaning the recording head using a cotton bud dipped in head cleaning fluid or Isopropol Alcohol. If you still cannot get the program to load reliably then return the cassette to us for a prompt replacement, stating when and where you bought it. WARNING: All right reserved. Unauthorized copying, hiring, lending or public performance of this software tape strictly prohibited. Copyright and all other rights reserved.

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