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Manual n° 1

PLAY INSTRUCTIONS:- Defuse the bombs before they explode, avoiding skulls and stomping boots. Points:- Flags = 200, Bombs = 10 × time on bomb and end of frame (after 6 bombs defused). Bonus life after 100,000 points. Controls:- Joystick, L, R, U, D and L or R + Fire to scroll row of blocks left or right. Keyboard, Press "K" and select your own keys to prompts given. High pitched beep, key accepted, low pitched beep, Press again. Space Bar = Play a game. 0-9 Difficulty level, 9 is easiest. Shift 0-9, Start at different frame. Large Enter Key halts game. Press C to continue. Small Enter Key quits game. CTRL = Shift = ESC Keys will clear the program and reset machine. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Press CTRL + Small Enter Keys. Then press Play button on cassette and then any keyboard key. Black Knight Software is a trading name of Black Knight Computers Limited. © 1984 Black Knight Computers Limited. All rights reserved. It is a condition of sale that this cassette shall not be lent, re-sold, hired out or copied. P.O. BOX 132, CHISLEHURST, KENT BR7 6LJ.

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