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Handicap Golf

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Manual n° 2

HANDICAP GOLF BY P. CURTIS Converted to the Amstrad by R. Blackman Instructions To load use CTRL and small Enter key pressed together. Once loaded the game will auto run. The program is a 3D perspective simulation of the real game and has a full bag of clubs and a caddie. There is also a close up of the green and a choice of 9 or 18 holes. Full playing rules and instructions are given in the program. HANDICAP GOLF © CRL Group PLC 1985 Artwork by Phil Gascoine Also available TEST MATCH All rights reserved. No part of this program should be recorded, duplicated or transferred in any form onto any media without prior authorisation from the owners of the work. Hiring and lending of this programme is prohibited unless written permission is given by CRL Group PLC, CRL House, 9 Kings Yard, Carpenters Road, London E15 2HD.

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