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*************************************************************************** * InvisiClues(tm) * * The Hint Booklet for * * Ballyhoo(tm) * *************************************************************************** [Copyright by Infocom, Inc. Provided for non-commercial use only, with the sole intent of making information available that would otherwise be lost. To whoever presently holds the copyright to the information contained in this file: if you think the existence of this file violates your copyright, please complain and the file will be removed. Typed in from the original hintbook by Paul David Doherty.] Sample Question *************** Where can I find a carrot? 1. Rabbits like carrots. 2. Maybe you can find a rabbit in a top hat. 3. TAKE THE TOP HAT FROM THE MAGICIAN. Then PULL A RABBIT OUT OF THE HAT. The rabbit will lead you to a carrot. Table of Contents ***************** PEOPLE The Clowns Harry President William Howard Taft Tina Rimshaw The Detective The Roustabout The Black Jack Dealer Billy Monday Jimi Hendrix Herr Katzenjammer Chelsea Munrab Andrew Jenny Annie Oakley Eddie Smaldone PLACES The Tightrope The Turnstiles Under the Bleachers The Prop Tent The Menagerie Nook The Performers' Camp Under Hypnosis The White Wagon ALL CREATURES LARGE AND SMALL The Lions Hannibal of the Jungle Mahler The Egress The Monkey The Hen The Mouse THE CLIMACTIC END OF THE STORY HOW THE POINTS ARE SCORED FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT PEOPLE ****** The Clowns ********** Why is Comrade Thumb playing with the water fountain in the Connection? 1. LOOK AT COMRADE THUMB. 2. He's not playing with the water fountain. He's trying to get a drink of water, but he's too short! 3. If you don't do anything, he'll eventually give up and walk away. 4. If you do help Comrade Thumb with the water fountain, he'll be grateful, and he'll help you later in the story. 5. You can help him by typing HELP COMRADE THUMB or LIFT UP THE MIDGET. Why is Comrade Thumb performing acrobatics and singing in the Back Yard? 1. He's a circus performer; he's paid to perform for people like you. 2. Remember to APPLAUD when he's done; it's only polite. 3. Also watch him go through the turnstile when he's done performing. You might get an idea. I got called a lotlice, and then Chuckles slammed the door on me. How can I get into Clown Alley? 1. Circus performers don't particularly like townies. 2. Disguise yourself; Chuckles might not realize who you are until too late. 3. Did you see any props anywhere? 4. TAKE THE CLOWN MASK from Beside the Big Top and WEAR IT, then KNOCK ON THE DOOR. I keep getting thrown out of Clown Alley! 1. You'll always get thrown out of Clown Alley, but if you get booted after only being there for 2 turns, then you've got real problems. 2. Conceal your identity! 3. Keep your mask on and CLOSE THE DOOR. What is Comrade Thumb saying to Chuckles? 1. It's in Russian, but since Chuckles and Thumb are roomies, Chuckles probably understands. 2. Thumb is warning Chuckles that you are, in fact, not Malcom. 3. If you help Thumb get a drink of water at the Connection, he won't turn you in. I'm in Clown Alley. Now what? 1. You don't have much time in this room. But there's much to learn. 2. Since Chuckles thinks you are Malcom, he's not afraid to gossip. 3. Listen to what he says. It's important. 4. More on this later. 5. Also, explore whatever you can. 6. LOOK IN THE ASHES. There's evidence in there! What was Chuckles talking about? 1. You should look up "grift" and "Annie Oakley" in your circus program. 2. We won't tell you what they mean, but we will tell you where to go. 3. If you haven't gotten through the turnstile near the Connection yet, don't develop any more hints. 4. The elephant tent is south of where you enter the Midway. 5. What you are looking for is in the Menagerie Nook. Is the ash tray important? Chuckles took it away from me. 1. Yup! 2. There's something in it you should be interested in. 3. And it's not the ashes. 4. LOOK IN THE ASHES. I just saw Thumb again. What does his flailing, babbling, and pointing mean? 1. He's trying to tell you something. 2. Thumb taps you on the foot. Don't you remember that happening before? 3. He's pointing toward where he tapped you earlier. 4. He wants you to go to the Blue Room again. Why is Chuckles standing outside of Katzenjammer's trailer? 1. He's not just doing cherry pie. 2. He's preventing you from entering the trailer. 3. Do you remember what Andrew Jenny said about a meeting? 4. Chuckles is guarding the trailer before the meeting takes place. How do I get Chuckles away from Katz's trailer? 1. Maybe you can scare him away. 2. Have you examined all the evidence up to this point? 3. Have you asked Harry about all the evidence? 4. If so, then you know that Chuckles is Eddie Smaldone. See the Eddie Smaldone question. Harry ***** Who is Harry? 1. Harry is the guard in the burned cage near the turnstile in the Back Yard. 2. He used to be the animal trainer, before his accident. You ought to ask him about himself, sometime. 3. He's been around a long time, so he knows a lot about everything at the circus. Why isn't Harry interested in anything I show him? 1. Have you examined Harry carefully? 2. Why would he be wearing sunglasses on a dark summer night? 3. He's blind! He can't see anything you SHOW him. 4. You have to GIVE him things to feel, to get him to talk about them. Harry claims I've asked him before about Chelsea, and I haven't, I swear! How can I get him to tell me about her? 1. Tell Harry you didn't ask him before: HARRY, NO. 2. When he tells you "didn't you?" respond fervently: NO. 3. Stubborn, isn't he? Can you confuse him into telling you? 4. When he tells you "Did so," respond fervently, DID SO. 5. He doesn't tell you much, though, even when he tells you. 6. Was it really worth the effort? What will Harry talk about? 1. Harry will tell you his opinions of most of his fellow performers, human and animal, and some of the items you find. 2. A complete list of what Harry will talk about follows. Don't read this unless you really need help. 3. You can ASK HARRY ABOUT: HANNIBAL, THE LIONS, MAHLER, THE FAT LADY, RIMSHAW, COMRADE THUMB, THE ROUSTABOUT, HERR KATZENJAMMER, CHUCKLES THE CLOWN, MR. MUNRAB, ANDREW JENNY, BILLY MONDAY, THE FIRE-DAMAGED CAGE, and EDDIE SMALDONE (after you've read about him). 4. If you GIVE THE WHIP or GIVE THE CIGARETTE CASE TO HARRY, he'll also respond. President William Howard Taft ***************************** What do I do with President William Howard Taft? 1. He's just another cardboard character in another Infocom game. 2. He was the 27th President of the United States of America. He was also the biggest president ever. 3. By biggest, we mean fattest. 4. So you can HIDE BEHIND TAFT if you want to. 5. Other than that, there's nothing special you should do with President Taft. Tina **** How do I get Tina to stand up? 1. She is one fat lady. 2. Maybe you could scare her into standing up. 3. A mouse might frighten her enough. 4. Put the mouse at her feet. 5. Then again, Tina probably can't see her feet. 6. Come to think of it, she can't even see the ground. 7. Tina never stands up. Tina can't even walk. The circus roustabouts use a crane to put her in her tent each day. How do I get Tina's attention? 1. She seems wrapped up in her own huge world. 2. Maybe you should try to get her to take that radio out of her ear. 3. No luck with the radio, huh? Why not go where the radio isn't? 4. Just can't seem to get her to respond, eh? Well, there must be only one thing on the mind of a person that size. 5. I'll bet some food will endear her to you. 6. Give some food to Tina. How do I get the radio from Tina? 1. Don't go any further unless you have gotten Tina's attention. 2. Now that you have her attention, try to distract her from the radio. 3. Type TINA, HELLO. 4. Then TAKE TINA'S HAND. 5. Then PAT TINA'S HAND or SHAKE IT or KISS IT. 6. Her reaction seems to indicate that she no longer holds the radio. 7. Well, don't just stand there. Go to the other side of Tina and get the radio! Where can I get some food that Tina will eat? 1. What? You want to make her even fatter? 2. Well, there doesn't seem to be any such food on the circus grounds now. 3. There probably were concession stands and hawkers selling food during the big top performance. 4. If only there were some way to remember what happened during the performance. 5. A good hypnotist can usually jog one's memory. 6. Why don't you pay a visit to Rimshaw? I finally got the radio. But all it picks up is static. 1. Well, Tina certainly managed to get it to work. What has she got over you (besides about 700 pounds)? 2. Not only is she massive, she's described as being "mountainous." 3. Unless you're Manute Bol, I think Tina is somewhat taller than you. 4. Maybe if you find a high place, the radio reception will improve. 5. The radio will only receive signals in these locations: the Platform, On the Wagon, Top of Cage, On the Tent, and Walking a Tightrope. Are there any radio stations worth listening to? 1. Unfortunately, most pop music and talk show stations on AM radio aren't worth listening to. 2. If you're lucky, there might be a cultural radio station in town. 3. Didn't just such a cultural station advertise in the circus program? 4. Look in the circus program for the radio station advertisement and turn the radio dial to that frequency. Rimshaw ******* How do I get Rimshaw to teach me how to hypnotize people? 1. Did you ask him to teach you? 2. Why don't you try to hypnotize him? 3. Rimshaw started learning his skills as a young apprentice, slowly honing his craft. Through endless repetitions and tireless practice, he gradually mastered his mystic art and its secrets. His is a thankless job, a solitary one that he takes silent pride in, yet he is very remiss to discuss even the most mundane surface details with rubberneckers and the curious. 4. He's not going to teach you how to tie your shoes. 5. You'll have to rely on Rimshaw's skills if you would like someone else to be hypnotized. Who can I compare Rimshaw with? 1. No one. He's Rimshaw the Incomparable. YOW! I was in the Hypnotist's Parlor, but where am I now? 1. If you asked Rimshaw to hypnotize you, go to answer 3. Otherwise, read answer 2. 2. We have no idea where you are. 3. You are in Standing Room Only (so sayeth the status line). It seems to be a part of the stands in the Big Top. It also seems that there is a performance going on down in the two rings far below. 4. You are under hypnosis. Physically, you are stretched out on Rimshaw's sofa. Mentally, you are reliving an event that happened earlier this evening. 5. For all practical purposes, you can move about in this "dream state" in much the same way as you do in the rest of the game. 6. You can also wake up at any time by typing WAKE UP, but you might want to solve a puzzle or two first. I woke up, but I never did get any food! 1. You never were able to keep any food. But you did encounter some food earlier in the evening (as your hypnosis-enhanced memory should have revealed). 2. Perhaps you could track down the food you found before. It may be stale, but it should still be edible. 3. Well, the banana's gone. The monkey ate it, so forget it. 4. Where the heck did that granola bar go? 5. Looks like you'll have to make another trip Under the Bleachers. 6. Once you're Under the Bleachers, remember to SEARCH THE GARBAGE for the granola bar. The Detective ************* Where did this guy get his P.I. license? 1. The Yellow Pages. 2. Under "Public Intoxications." Where did Munrab find this guy? 1. The Yellow Pages. 2. Under "Sleuths -- sotted." Why is the detective talking to Mr. Munrab? 1. Mr. Munrab is telling the detective what his assignment is. 2. Mr. Munrab is also telling the detective who he's supposed to suspect in the case. 3. The detective is agreeing to not suspect the circus performers while looking for Chelsea Munrab. 4. Not a very good detective, is he? Why is the sleuth talking to Billy Monday? 1. The detective is tracking down the little girl. 2. Since the little girl is pictured on the bottle of Dr. Nostrum's, the detective is talking to the man who sells Dr. Nostrum's. 3. Unfortunately, the detective seems to be concentrating more on emptying the bottle than on finding the little girl. 4. Not a very good detective, is he? How can I get the monkey off the gumshoe's back? 1. Did you LOOK AT THE MONKEY? 2. Obviously, since it isn't ACTUALLY a monkey on the detective's back, there's not much you can do for him. 3. You could sign him up with A.A. But one doubts he'd make it there. What's wrong with the shamus? Is he sick? Or dead? 1. If the detective is still on his feet, don't read on. 2. He's sick; but don't worry, it's not infectious. 3. It really is possible to get too much of a good thing, and no one (except Billy Monday) ever claimed Dr. Nostrum's was a good thing. 4. Plainly put, the detective is hammered. Plastered. Bombed. The man is fou, sozzled, potvaliant, under the table, blind to the world, and one over the eight. If three sheets to the wind is drunk, he is five or six sheets to a gale. Dammit, Jim, I'm an adventurer, not a doctor! How can I help Johnny Tin Plate? 1. He looks feverish -- can you think of some way to cool him off? 2. Drinking all that Extract would make a man thirsty. 3. There is a water fountain in the Connection. 4. A steel bucket is always a useful item. 5. FILL THE BUCKET WITH WATER in the Connection. POUR THE WATER ON THE DETECTIVE. So, I got the flat-foot to look alive. What good does that do me? 1. Do you have all the clues you need to solve the mystery? 2. Does the detective have anything you don't have (besides a hangover)? 3. Munrab gave him a ransom note and picture of Chelsea... 4. He probably still has them. 5. ASK THE DETECTIVE FOR THE RANSOM NOTE. He'll give you the trade card, too. They're evidence! The Roustabout ************** Why is the roustabout leaving the Big Top with the net? 1. His job is to put away the net after the circus performance is over. 2. He also moved the bleachers to get under the stands to clean up. How can I get the roustabout to bring back the net? 1. You have to find him first. He's very hard to find. 2. Don't go any further unless you are in the same room as the roustabout. 3. He was listening to his headphones earlier. 4. Did you REWIND THE TAPE and play it from the beginning, before recording onto it? If you didn't, read 5 below; but if you did, skip to number 6. 5. When the counter reads [186] you can hear Rimshaw's hypnotic voice over the Jimi Hendrix solo, saying, "At the clap of my hands you shall obey my every command." 6. Since the roustabout seems to work wearing the headphones, he's probably heard Rimshaw a lot. 7. CLAP HANDS. Then the roustabout will follow your commands. The order ROUSTABOUT, GET THE NET will do wonders. How can I get the roustabout to untangle the rope ladder for me? 1. See the above question about getting the roustabout to do anything. 2. The roustabout won't, it's not his job. Circus work-rules. 3. This space left blank. The Black Jack Dealer ********************* What are the rules to playing blackjack? 1. The object of the game is to get closer to a total point count of 21 than the dealer, without going over. If you get closer than the dealer (without going over 21) or the dealer goes over 21, you win the amount of the bet. If the dealer is closer to 21 or you go over 21, you lose the amount of the bet. If you and the dealer tie, then nobody wins (this is called a "push"). Each card counts its value (e.g., a six is six points), with some exceptions. A jack, queen, or king counts ten points; and an ace can count as either one or eleven points, whichever is most advantageous. Suits have no significance at all. 2. First the cards are dealt. If you have 21 with your first two cards (called "blackjack"), you win immediately; if you have blackjack, you win one and a half times the amount of your bet. If the dealer is dealt blackjack, you lose immediately. 3. If no one has blackjack, then you can refuse more cards (called "sticking," "holding," "standing," or "staying put") or you can accept more cards ("hitting") to try to get a better point count. If you go over 21, you automatically lose. Once you stick, then the dealer tries to improve his hand under very strict rules: No matter what you have, the dealer must take more cards until his total is 17 or larger. Then he must stop. Should I play blackjack? 1. You don't need money to solve the mystery, but you can have some fun. What does the tapping on my foot mean? 1. It has something to do with the blackjack game. 2. It is the value of the dealer's down card; someone is helping you cheat. 3. Who did you help earlier in the story? 4. LOOK UNDER THE TABLE and see who is helping you cheat. Why won't the second dealer let me bet at blackjack? 1. He suspects you of cheating. 2. He and Billy don't want you hanging around here at this time. Billy Monday ************ Why is Billy Monday talking to the detective? 1. He must be talking to the detective about the mystery. 2. He's being friendly and has given the detective one of his flasks. 3. He's trying to mislead the detective and get the detective drunk. What's in the suitcase? 1. Suitcase? Oh, you mean the keister under the blackjack table? 2. There must be something important in it if Billy is hiding it there. 3. SHAKE THE SUITCASE to see what is inside. 4. That muffled scream must be Chelsea! Save her! Billy Monday just ran off with the suitcase. What should I do? 1. He has the suitcase! Don't just stand there! 2. FOLLOW BILLY! I followed Billy Monday and now I'm trapped. How do I escape? 1. You can't find the ladder down, since you are too preoccupied. 2. Just move in any direction. 3. You can't dodge forever. 4. Only the end of the prod is dangerous. The shaft won't kill you. 5. If you GRAB THE SHAFT while it is still in reach, you might be able to wrestle it away from your nemesis. 6. Now that you have it, you still have to upset the person on the other end. 7. PULL THE PROD. Now you have time to GET OFF THE TENT. Jimi Hendrix ************ I've got a tape of Jimi Hendrix. Who is Jimi Hendrix? 1. Jimi Hendrix was a guitar virtuoso of the 1960's. 2. He played "down and dirty rock 'n roll," with an emphasis on distortion, feedback and noise. 3. If you still don't know who he is, ask your mother. What can I do with the headphones? 1. Have you examined them carefully? 2. You can do with them as one tends to do with any tape player: PLAY TAPE, REWIND TAPE, ADVANCE TAPE, RECORD, and STOP TAPE. 3. Also, the headphones help to solve two different puzzles. 4. One puzzle has to do with Mahler. (See the Mahler section for more hints there.) 5. The other puzzle is right at the end of the game. 6. All we'll tell you here is to notice WHO is wearing the headphones at the beginning of the game and... 7. ...to sit back and enjoy the guitar solo, from beginning to end of the tape. 8. There's something worth listening to, besides the music. Herr Katzenjammer ***************** When I knock on the door to the trailer, Herr Katzenjammer sees me but he doesn't let me in. How do I get into the trailer? 1. You'll need to trick Herr Katzenjammer into thinking you're someone else. 2. Someone was supposed to meet him. Why not wear that person's clothes? 3. Remember when Jenny was arguing with Andrew? 4. Andrew Jenny was supposed to meet Herr Katzenjammer. 5. Did you go into Andrew Jenny's closet? 6. If you didn't, do it. 7. PUT ON THE DRESS then PUT ON THE SHAWL from the closet. 8. Don't forget to PUT ON THE VEIL that's in the pocket of the dress. I'm in Katzenjammer's trailer. What now? 1. Have you examined all the things in the room? 2. Have you looked behind all the things that can be looked behind? 3. CLOSE THE DOOR. 4. TAKE THE CROWBAR. What's the moosehead in the trailer for? 1. Hanging your hat on? 2. Maybe there's something behind it. 3. MOVE THE MOOSEHEAD. What's in the crawl space? 1. Not you, that's for sure. 2. CLIMB INTO THE CRAWL SPACE. 3. Gee, it's a pretty small space. 4. I guess only a pretty small person could fit through it. 5. Try to PUT something IN THE CRAWL SPACE. 6. Hear that? It must be Chelsea! Chelsea ******* Who is Chelsea? 1. Have you overheard the conversation between Munrab and the detective? 2. Chelsea is the little girl pictured on the Extract trade card. 3. She is Munrab's kidnapped daughter. Munrab ****** Who is Munrab? 1. Snideley Whiplash's twin brother? 2. You can read about him in your circus program. 3. Guess you'll have to ask someone who knows him. 4. There are characters in the story who will answer your questions, specifically one fellow. 5. Have you noticed the guard in the cage? 6. ASK HARRY ABOUT MUNRAB. Andrew Jenny ************ How do I get upstairs? 1. Andrew won't let you past, eh? 2. Did you ASK JENNY ABOUT ANDREW? Seems like she's got him under her thumb. 3. You may have something of Andrew's: something he's been trying to hide from her. 4. If you haven't been to the Lion's Den, don't develop any more hints. 5. GIVE HARRY what you found in the Lion's Den. 6. So Andrew's a closet smoker in addition to being a closet who-knows-what-else! 7. Anyway, you should SHOW THE CASE TO ANDREW. 8. To really get him good, then SHOW THE CASE TO JENNY. 9. Hmmm. What did she mean about Katz's trailer? I went upstairs. How do I get downstairs? 1. DOWN usually works. 2. Not in this case though. GO UP. What's in the wardrobe? 1. Why, a full set of genuine s/he clothes! 2. You should take a few, just for souvenirs of course. 3. Maybe you can play dress-up. 4. In fact, it'll come in handy later. 5. Remember to LOOK IN THE POCKET! Annie Oakley ************ How can you shove Annie Oakley around? Isn't she dead? 1. You'll find more information in your circus program, under "History of the Circus." 2. You don't have a circus program? Hmmm... 3. How'd you get your disk? 4. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Pirating won't get you far in this game! Who killed Annie Oakley? 1. She didn't die unnaturally. 2. Not all Annie Oakleys can be killed, you know. 3. Read your circus program, under "History of the Circus." Eddie Smaldone ************** Who is Eddie Smaldone? 1. Don't go any further unless you've been inside the White Wagon. 2. It's mentioned on the spreadsheet. 3. Munrab is squeezing his salary with pay cuts and deferments. 4. ASK HARRY ABOUT EDDIE SMALDONE. PLACES ****** The Tightrope ************* How can I cross the tightrope? 1. Have you tried to GO EAST from the Platform? 2. Maybe you should do what the pros do... 3. Have you looked at the pictures of the Genatossio Brothers in your circus program? 4. If you have the pole, you'll be able to walk all the way across the tightrope. The Turnstiles ************** How can I get through the turnstile near the Back Yard? 1. Did you notice what Comrade Thumb did to get through the turnstile? 2. Both Comrade Thumb and Chuckles said "hello" to someone inside the cage. 3. Have you looked in the cage? Have you looked at Harry (the man in the cage)? 4. Harry is wearing dark glasses at night. Why? 5. Harry is blind! Performers say "hello" to Harry, and if Harry recognizes the voice, he lets the person through the turnstile. 6. Maybe you can fool Harry by disguising your voice. 7. What did Comrade Thumb's voice sound like? (Remember when he sang those Russian folk songs, or said "Hello Harry"?) 8. Comrade Thumb has a "high-pitched" and "squeaky" voice. How can you make your own voice high-pitched and squeaky (without hurting yourself)? 9. Perhaps an object that can be found floating around somewhere... 10. That's right! If you UNTIE THE BALLOON that's on the other end of the tightrope, and INHALE THE HELIUM, your voice will sound like Comrade Thumb's. Type HELLO HARRY, and you'll be able to get through the turnstile. 11. Don't inhale the helium too soon, of course (like when you first get the balloon), because you won't be able to hold the helium in long enough. I figured out how to get through the turnstile near the Back Yard. But isn't the solution rather obscure? 1. 99 people out of 100 solve the puzzle, and think they're 1 in a million. I got through the turnstile near the Back Yard once. But how can I do so again? 1. If you found another balloon, maybe you could fool Harry again. 2. Unfortunately, there's only one balloon. Find another way to get to and from Camp, East or Camp, West. 3. There's a hint in your circus program under "History of the Circus" in the circus lingo paragraphs. 4. "Side-walling"? 5. Okay, okay, we'll spell it out for you. From Camp, West, you can SIDE-WALL THE TENT or CRAWL UNDER THE TENT and end up Inside Prop Tent. 6. Once you've done that, you can go NORTH and SOUTH between Inside Prop Tent and Camp, West as often as you want. 7. It's dark and shadowy Inside Prop Tent, so you can't side-wall there until you've learned the route by side-walling from Camp, West first. How can I get through the turnstile near the Connection? 1. Have you examined the turnstile? 2. You'll need to put something into the slot. 3. Maybe something you found somewhere will help, or maybe something that came with your _Ballyhoo_ package. 4. PUT THE CIRCUS TICKET INTO THE SLOT. 5. Don't forget to follow the instructions on the back of your ticket. 6. If you haven't found a ticket, look for one. Have you looked everywhere? 7. Maybe somebody dropped a ticket while watching the circus from the bleachers... 8. Where would something drop from the bleachers? Where is there garbage? 9. Under the Bleachers! 10. You can only get Under the Bleachers (northeast from the Connection) after someone moves the bleachers. You can't do this yourself, so if the bleachers aren't moved, go away for awhile, do something else, then come back. 11. Then SEARCH THE GARBAGE or LOOK IN THE GARBAGE when you're Under the Bleachers. Under the Bleachers ******************* What do I do here Under the Bleachers? 1. There sure is a lot of garbage here. 2. Maybe you should LOOK IN THE GARBAGE. Hey! Somebody moved the stands back in place. How can I get Under the Bleachers now? 1. When straightforward methods don't work, use subversive means. 2. Try finding a place where you could crawl under the side of the big top. 3. Go to Midway Entrance. CRAWL UNDER THE BIG TOP from there. The Prop Tent ************* I surprised Munrab and the detective in the Prop Tent, and they ran away. Where did they go? 1. Somewhere more private, no doubt. 2. Too bad they saw you; that means you didn't overhear their conversation. 3. You should stay hidden and WAIT. What do I do with the gorilla suit? 1. You can put it on. 2. You can go into Mahler's Cage wearing the gorilla suit. 3. But there's nothing special you should do with the gorilla suit. What do I do with the midget car? 1. It's too big for you to fit into. Of course, a child or midget could fit in the car. Did you LOOK IN THE CAR? 2. Nothing but an ignition switch. Hmmm... 3. There's nothing special you should do with the midget car. What do I do with the cannon? 1. You can put things in it and then LIGHT THE FUSE. 2. Of course, there's not much that will fit in the cannon. What's small? 3. Right! Comrade Thumb! But what should you aim the cannon at? 4. AIM THE CANNON AT TINA. Even if your aim is lousy, you should hit her. 5. There is no cannon. Stop wasting your developing fluid. What do I do with the piece of wood? 1. Have you taken it? 2. You have? Good. Now what do you do? 3. You can type OUCH, or DARN, or lots of other exclamations indicating physical discomfort. 4. Better do what the game tells you to. Type OUCH (or whatever) twice. 5. Then EXAMINE THE PIECE OF WOOD. 6. If you don't like pain, you can HIT THE PIECE OF WOOD WITH THE POLE before you take it. The Menagerie Nook ****************** How do I open the cage? 1. You'll need a key. 2. If you don't have a key, then LOOK IN THE CAGE. 3. If you do have a key, simply UNLOCK THE CAGE WITH THE KEY THEN OPEN THE CAGE. How do I get the key? 1. Since you can't reach the key with your arm, maybe you can reach the key some other way. 2. What's long (to help you reach the key) and narrow (to fit through the cage)? 3. The fiberglass pole, of course! 4. TAKE THE KEY WITH THE FIBERGLASS POLE. Who lives in this cage? 1. One of the items in the cage should give you a hint. 2. Who wore the headphones earlier in the story? 3. The roustabout! 4. How disgusting! The Performers' Camp ******************** Now that I'm in the Performers' Camp, what do I do? 1. Looking around is probably the best idea. 2. There are two trailers. You might try to get into one or both. 3. You can only get into one at first: the one in Camp, West. 4. The only polite way to enter is to KNOCK first. How can I unlock the compartment on the trailer? 1. You need a key to unlock the compartment. 2. If you haven't found a key yet, keep looking. 3. Once you have the key, simply UNLOCK THE COMPARTMENT WITH THE KEY. What's this image of burning bridges? 1. You are being warned. 2. If you leave the Performers' Camp through the turnstile, you'll never be able to get back in... 3. ...and you need to. 4. You'll just have to find another way out. 5. When you are in Camp, West, try a LOOK. See that pleated canvas wall and fence (that was meant to keep you out)? 6. You can get around that. 7. Look in your circus program under "History of the Circus" (in the lingo paragraphs) or in the instruction manual under VERBS. See SIDE-WALL? It'll come in handy here. 8. That's right. Just SIDE-WALL THE CANVAS or WALK THROUGH THE PLEATS. Under Hypnosis ************** Where can I get some food to eat? 1. Have you checked your inventory? 2. No food, but at least you have some cash. Perhaps you could buy a snack to ease your pang. 3. Isn't that a hawker at the end of your row? 4. Why don't you buy some of the food the hawker is selling? 5. After you get the hawker's attention, PASS $1.85 TO THE HAWKER. Hey! This hawker is trying to rip me off! What should I do? 1. What? He took your money and disappeared? Never trust a hawker. 2. In fact, don't even try to buy anything else from those guys. 3. If I were you, I'd get out of these stands and look for a manager to complain to, or at least somewhere else to buy food. How do I get to the concession stand? 1. You'll have to wait in line like everyone else. 2. Be patient. If you wait a turn or two, the line is bound to move. 3. A shorter line has started, huh? Maybe that one would be quicker. 4. Type GET OUT OF LONG LINE, then GET IN SHORT LINE. 5. It shouldn't be long now. Just wait a little more. 6. Well, it appears that your line has become the longer line again. 7. The logical thing to do would be to get out of this line and get in the shorter line. 8. Don't forget: we're dealing with queue mob psychology. Which has very little to do with logic. 9. Perhaps you could try to fake them out. 10. GET OUT OF THE LONG LINE, then... 11. ...GET IN THE LONG LINE. The hawker is taking a break. How can I get him to give me what he owes me? 1. Maybe you should chew him out for ripping you off earlier. 2. Or you could ask him about the food you tried to buy from him when you were both up in the stands. 3. Once you find the hawker In The Wings, any statement addressed to him will get the correct response from him. 4. Well, don't just stand there. Go back to where you ordered the food from the hawker and get it. The White Wagon *************** How do I get into the White Wagon? 1. You can't get in the office door. You'll have to find another entrance. 2. And you can only do that after you've figured out what to do with Hannibal the Elephant. I'm On The Wagon, and there's a closed panel here. How do I get into the office? 1. Did you try to OPEN THE PANEL? 2. TURN THE CRANK beside the panel to open it. 3. Better LOOK IN THE PANEL before you barge in. 4. Munrab might not take too kindly to your unexpected arrival. 5. Why don't you try luring him out of the office? 6. You can reach the office door from On The Wagon. 7. Why not KNOCK ON THE OFFICE DOOR? 8. When Munrab leaves the office, GO IN or ENTER THE OFFICE. I'm in the Office, but Munrab keeps coming in and killing me before I have a chance to get what I need. What do I do? 1. What would you do if you didn't want someone coming into your office? 2. LOCK THE DOOR. What am I looking for in the Office? 1. Well, you could PHONE HOME. 2. How about searching for something suspicious? 3. LOOK ON THE DESK. 4. The spreadsheet may come in handy. TAKE THE SPREADSHEET. It's evidence! What do I do with the spreadsheet? 1. Did you READ it? 2. It should give you an insight to some of the circus troubles. 3. There's a circus character who has lots of information about different things. Why don't you ask him? 4. ASK HARRY ABOUT EDDIE. How do I get out of the Office? 1. Try moving something that you can stand on under the panel. 2. MOVE THE DESK UNDER THE PANEL THEN CLIMB OUT. ALL CREATURES LARGE AND SMALL ***************************** The Lions ********* Is it advisable or safe to enter the lions' den? 1. Safe, no. 2. But sleuthing is a hazardous occupation, especially for amateurs. 3. At some point, you may notice the lion stand has been suspiciously moved. 4. You'll want to go in and have a look see. How do I get in there? 1. Unless you've got the skeleton key, don't go on. 2. You guessed it, UNLOCK THE CAGE DOOR WITH THE KEY. The shaggy lion keeps harassing me. What to do? 1. You probably tried to lift up his "throne," the lion stand. 2. First, you need some hints. Talk to your new friend Harry, who guards the performers' camp. 3. Type HARRY, TELL ME ABOUT THE LIONS. 4. You'll need three things to effectively deal with the lions. 5. A whip, a stool, and a lump of meat. Where can I find a whip? 1. It should be in the vicinity of Herr Katzenjammer. 2. The skeleton key will be useful here. 3. Unlock the baggage compartment of the lion tamer's trailer. What's the importance of the grating inside the lions' den? 1. You'll notice it's empty and opens to a barred passage that leads out of the big top. 2. Read the description of Beside the Bigtop. They're the same passage. 3. Perhaps the lions could be lured into the passage. 4. But first they must be tamed so that you might open the grating. Then how do I tame Nimrod? Or is it Elsie? 1. Have you tried putting your head into the gaping jaws of the shaggy lion, to gain its trust? Don't bother. 2. The guard refers to Nimrod as "he." 3. Nimrod, being male, is the shaggy lion; while Elsie, being female, is the smooth-bodied lion. 4. Harry indicates that Elsie must be whipped three times to be brought under heel. 5. Now, if you're holding the stool, you can successfully open the grating while keeping the shaggy Nimrod at bay. 6. Of course, the lump of meat needs to be in the barred passage to lure the lions in there. 7. And you have to leave the lions' den before Nimrod and Elsie take the bait and leave their den. 8. Parenthetically, it's prudent to CLOSE THE GRATING in order to secure the lions in the passage. 9. Now you can raise the lion stand to your brave heart's content. Hannibal of the Jungle ********************** What's behind the elephant? 1. Have you ever watched a big parade, with floats, bands, circus animals, and people on horseback carrying banners? 2. Ever noticed what's left, after the parade's gone by? 3. To avoid getting technical, it's squishy, brown, and smells of well-digested hay. 4. There's LOTS of that behind an elephant. 5. There are other good reasons to get Hannibal out of his tent, though. How can I get behind the elephant? 1. If you are really sure you want to get behind the elephant, think carefully of folklore. 2. Elephants are known for their love of peanuts, fear of mice, and long memories. What use is the massive chain? 1. It prevents Hannibal from wandering about the circus unattended. 2. It is supposed to prevent Hannibal from stampeding about the circus unattended. 3. Otherwise, it has no use at all. Mahler ****** How can I get into Mahler's cage? 1. It unlocks, like the other animal cages, with a key. 2. As a matter of fact, you'll find the key in another cage, locked like all the rest. 3. How to get that key is another question. Look under the Menagerie Nook section. Why doesn't Mahler play with the things I give him? 1. Being an ape is no holiday. He's tired and bored to tears. But, being an ape, he doesn't have much of a mind to play creatively with naturally boring things such as a fiberglass pole. 2. There's someone on the circus lot who might talk to you -- he can tell you some things about Mahler and Mahler's interests. 3. There are none so blind as those who will not see. ASK HARRY ABOUT MAHLER. Is there anything important about Mahler's cage? 1. Did you LOOK UNDER THE CAGE? 2. If you were a nasty, or one of a group of nasties, who had kidnapped a small, if chubby, girl, and who had access to all areas of a circus in which to hide her, what better place than under the cage of a ferocious animal? 3. Then again, if this group of nasties saw you snooping around, wouldn't they move her to a safer hiding place? 4. Of course, they might drop something in the process. 5. Look in your game package for something with a red ribbon on it. 6. This must be the little girl's red ribbon. TAKE IT! It's evidence! How can I look into the compartment? I can't find an opening. 1. The simplest explanation is often the most correct. 2. Have you tried looking for a trap door from inside the cage? 3. LOOK UNDER THE STRAW. How can I calm Mahler down? 1. Have you any idea why the ape is named Mahler? 2. There's a clue in your circus program in the WPDL advertisement. 3. "Music soothes the savage beast." 4. Perhaps classical music would soothe this savage beast. 5. If you haven't yet gotten the radio from Tina, don't read further. 6. Have you examined the headphones, found in the cage north of Menagerie Nook? 7. You can RECORD music from the radio onto the tape cassette if you're elevated. 8. And PLAY the tape for Mahler to listen to in his cage. 9. Be sure to record a long enough stretch of music -- apes are dangerous to be around when they are disappointed... 10. And apes get disappointed when whatever is soothing them stops, such as when a violin concerto by Vivaldi is interrupted by a Jimi Hendrix guitar solo. Why is the ape named Mahler? 1. Someone on the circus lot is a lot more chatty than the other performers. Perhaps he can tell you about Mahler. 2. ASK HARRY ABOUT MAHLER. 3. Mahler, the man, was a classical Austrian composer in the nineteenth century. The Egress ********** What IS an egress? 1. Egress is another word for "exit." Why can't I go see the egress? 1. You can if you answer the questions right, so to speak. 2. If you answer "yes" to "Are you sure you're mentally prepared...?" the responding question ("Then you're fully aware...") is REALLY asking "Then you think an egress is an animal?" 3. If you answer "Yes" to this second question, you don't really know what an egress is, and therefore you would "...be helpless against this... beast." 4. If you answer "No" to that second question, meaning, "No, I don't think the egress is an animal," the response asks if you really want to exit. 5. If you answer "Yes," you exit -- the game, that is. It's as if you had died, and been given a chance to RESTORE, RESTART, or QUIT. 6. If you answer "No," that you don't want to leave, you don't. That simple. Is this joke original? 1. Hate as we do to admit it, no, game writer Jeff O'Neill did not invent the "This Way To The Egress" idea. 2. P. T. Barnum himself made it up. Faced with the problem of too many people crowding his Midway shows, he erected this banner to lure unsuspecting victims out of the circus. Not only did he clear the Midway, he made more money from the resale of tickets to those suckers who bought their way back in. 3. Talent copies, genius steals. The Monkey ********** Help! I've got a monkey on my back! 1. You and the detective both. Call A.A. 2. Oh, it's a real monkey! Why didn't you say so? 3. Why don't you try to appeal to his base, animal instincts. 4. Food seems to be a precious commodity around here. You could try to lure him off with some food. 5. When you've gotten some food, come back to this monkey puzzle. Don't worry, the monkey's not going anywhere. 6. So, you've bought a banana. Did you ever stop to wonder why the monkey doesn't seem to notice this simian staple in your hands? 7. Perhaps the chocolate coating on the banana is throwing him off the scent. 8. If you take a bite, the pasty fruit center will be exposed. 9. Ah, the beast's heart quickens, you say? Now to lure him off your back with the bait. 10. DROP THE BANANA or THROW THE BANANA will send the little chimp after it and release you from your burden. The Hen ******* How can I catch the hen without hurting it? 1. Hens like to sit on eggs. 2. What looks like an egg? 3. Have you looked inside the Lions' Den? Inside the lions' mouths? 4. Stick your head in the shaggy lion's mouth as far as you can. There might be something in there that looks like an egg. Or a tooth. 5. Then again, there might not be. 6. You CAN'T catch the hen. There is no hen. 7. There you go again... The Mouse ********* How do I catch a mouse? 1. First, you find a mousetrap. 2. Most mice are very timid, so you'll have to drop the trap somewhere and leave it for a while. 3. If you thought there were mice in your basement, would you put a mousetrap in your attic? Of course not! 4. PUT THE CHEESE IN THE TRAP, then SET THE TRAP, then DROP THE TRAP in the Prop Tent, then EXIT. 5. When you return, you will hear a faint scurrying... 6. If you leave the tent again, the mouse will return to eat in peace. 7. When you come back, the mouse will rest in peace. How can I catch the mouse without hurting it? 1. Only read this if you've tried using the mousetrap. 2. The poor mouse cashes in his chips, gives up the ghost, or (shall we say) kicks the bucket if you use the mousetrap. 3. If you leave the cheese in the trap but don't set it, when you return the second time to the Prop Tent... 4. ...the mouse gnaws timidly away at the cheese, until you interrupt it. Now that you're in the same room with the live mouse, all you have to do is figure out some way to capture it alive. 5. There was a hint back there in #2! 6. You can trap the mouse in a container. 7. Use the bucket, which is inside the cage north of Menagerie Nook. 8. CATCH THE MOUSE IN THE BUCKET. Just make sure not to have anything else in the bucket already. THE CLIMACTIC END OF THE STORY ****************************** How can I rescue Chelsea? 1. Don't go any further unless you've heard a muffled scream. 2. If you've only found the suitcase, then you can't rescue her yet. Don't continue until you've found Chelsea again. 3. If you've found the crawl space, then continue. 4. Gee, it's a pretty small crawl space. 5. I guess only a pretty small person could fit through it. 6. This is a job for Comrade Thumb! 7. PUT THUMB IN THE CRAWL SPACE. 8. WAIT. Thumb will do the rescuing for you, but he'll need your help. 9. TAKE CHELSEA when she appears in the opening. Where can I find Thumb? 1. He usually hangs out in Clown Alley. How can I get into Clown Alley again? 1. EXAMINE THE DOOR. 2. Looks like you need something to pry open the door. 3. If you haven't been to Katz's trailer, don't bother to continue. 4. The crowbar looks like a good fit for the warped door. 5. OPEN THE DOOR WITH THE CROWBAR then enter Clown Alley. 6. LIFT THUMB. Now that I've got Chelsea, what do I do with her? 1. Her father would probably be happy to see her. 2. Why don't you take her to Munrab? 3. Munrab's probably in his office. The jig is up. I've found Eddie but I'm not sure how to confront him. 1. One thing's for sure: you better be as good as Perry Mason in collecting your evidence. 2. You'll need to have the spreadsheet... 3. ...and the ransom note... 4. ...and the scrap of newspaper print... 5. ...and the trade card... 6. ...and the ribbon. 7. Let Chuckles know that you're aware of of [sic] his real name. 8. Address Chuckles as "Eddie," as in HI EDDIE. 9. Show the various pieces of evidence to Eddie. I can't reach the rope ladder. What do I do? 1. Usually, one has to stand on something to reach the bottom rung. 2. TAKE THE LION STAND from the Lion's Den, drop it in the Performance Ring, then climb onto it. Now you can reach the ladder. I'm on the platform, with Mahler in the guy wires above me, holding the limp body of the little girl. How can I get up to his level? 1. You actually consider yourself beneath an ape? 2. All you have to do is GO UP or CLIMB THE GUY WIRES or SHAKE THE GUY WIRES. I'm up on the platform, with Mahler holding Chelsea on the platform across from me. How can I get across the tightrope, close enough to rescue her? 1. You are in a pickle. 2. Once before you found a way to soothe Mahler when he was upset. 3. The headphones may have been destroyed, but the radio wasn't. 4. You can get a clear signal anywhere that's high off the ground. (See the question about radio "static" in the Tina section.) 5. Carry the radio, tuned to a classical music station, with you as you cross the highwire. 6. Unfortunately, August is a prime month for fund-raisers... How do I get the radio station to play music? 1. Go to Munrab's office and CALL WPDL. Who wrote these questions anyway? 1. Gary, Jeff, and Jon wrote the good questions. 2. Liz, Max, and Suzanne wrote the great questions. 3. Amy wrote the absolute best questions. 4. Amy also wrote this question. HOW THE POINTS ARE SCORED ************************* This section should be used only as a last resort, or for your own interest after you've completed the game. There are a total of 200 points. Ten points are scored for each of the following: Walking all the way across the tightrope Talking to Harry with helium in your lungs Fooling Chuckles with the clown mask disguise Walking through the canvas pleats and into the prop tent Finding a circus ticket Completing the hypnosis scene as the granola bar falls to the ground Getting the radio from Tina Fishing the skeleton key off the cage wall Catching a live mouse Finding the cigarette case under the lion stand Listening to Jenny recalling Andrew's part in the conspiracy Soothing Mahler with classical music Getting rid of Hannibal Gaining access into the White Wagon Using Annie Oakley to get into the Blue Room Defeating your unseen opponent on the elephant tent Scaring Chuckles away from Herr Katzenjammer's trailer Rescuing Chelsea from the crawl space Ordering the roustabout to get the safety net Making Mahler lose his grip on Chelsea FOR YOUR AMUSEMENT ****************** Have you tried... watching Comrade Thumb try to get a drink of water, but NOT helping him? applauding anyone? to TAKE THE DARK GLASSES from Harry? walking the tightrope without the pole? After the net has been removed? to PHONE HOME? to TAKE THE STRAW (in Menagerie Nook)? And answering YES? to TURN ON THE MIDGET CAR? to FEED THE CHEESE TO THE MOUSE? to EAT THE CHEESE? to LOOK IN THE MIRROR in Clown Alley? to ASK HARRY ABOUT CHELSEA? And solving that word game? to LISTEN TO THE TAPE, when the tape is playing Jimi Hendrix? to indicate both genders on your ticket? to GIVE THE TRAP (when set) TO MAHLER? or TO HARRY? or TO THE ELEPHANT? to KISS HARRY, when playing as a female? to READ MY PALM? to GIVE THE RADIO (turned on) TO THE APE? to GET TINA'S HAND when she's not offering it to you? to wear the gorilla suit into Mahler's cage? to ATTACK HARRY, the guard? to EAT THE BANANA (twice), instead of giving it to the monkey? to DIAGNOSE after hearing that Chelsea's been kidnapped? and under hypnotism? to KICK THE DETECTIVE, when he's collapsed in the Midway Entrance? to TAKE A MEMO (in the Office)? to GET IN THE LOWER BUNK, and then GET IN THE UPPER BUNK in Clown Alley? to WAIT while In The Wings? to PLAY POKER in the Blue Room? to ASK BILLY ABOUT THE FLASK in the Midway? to EXAMINE THE DETECTIVE THEN LOOK AT THE MONKEY in the Midway? to WEAR THE HEADPHONES? to EXAMINE THE ROUSTABOUT before and after clapping? to POLE-VAULT OVER THE FENCE? to GET OUT OF LINE when in line at the Connection?

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