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American Turbo King

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Gameplay -------- When the game has loaded press FIRE to play. The object of the game is to drive your turbocharged, armour plated supercar across America. There are 5 stages to your journey: CALIFORNIA BEACH RACE, ROCKY MOUNTAIN PASS, GRAND CANYON JUMP, GREAT LAKES STAGE, NEW YORK CITY IN SIGHT. Steer through rough terrain and drive over ramps to jump over rocks and other obstacles but you must avoid driving through water as your car will become waterlogged and unable to continue. During the game hostile cars, helicopters and planes will try to bomb you so use your lightgun, or press FIRE, to shoot them. You have 3 lives for each of the five stages. Press CAPS SHIFT and P together to pause and restart the game. LIGHTGUN CONTROLS - control your car by shooting the left and right icons to steer and by shooting your car to switch from forwards to reverse gear. JOYSTICK/KEYBOARD CONTROLS - the game will work automatically with Sinclair and Kempston joystick interfaces and with the Keyboard with the following keys: O - Left P - Right Q - Accelerate A - Brake Or Reverse SPACE - Fire Warning: All Rights Of The Producer And Of The Owner Of The Work Reproduced Reserved. This Program Is Sold According To Virgin Mastertronic Terms Of Trade And Conditions Of Sale. Virgin Mastertronic Limited 1989 Made in Great Britain

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