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Mad Flunky

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FLUNKY A program by DON PRIESTLEY Commodore and Amstrad versions by Five Ways Software. Loading Spectrum 48k/+ LOAD""<ENTER> Spectrum 128k/+2 Select BASIC 48 then LOAD""<ENTER> Amstrad CPC cassette <CTRL><ENTER> Amstrad CPC disc RUN "FLUNKY" Commodore cassette <SHIFT><RUN/STOP> PLAYING THE GAME You are a Flunky, a menial servant, at Buckingham Palace. Although you are very obedient (yes Ma'am, certainly Ma'am, anything you say Ma'am), your real aim in life is to collect the autographs of the Royal Personages. As you stride around, carrying out your ordinary duty of lighting the fires in the Royal Apartments, you will meet some of The Family. If you do as they ask, they will reward you with the autographs you seek. You may find yourself fulfilling all kinds of odd little duties for Andy, Fergie, Charles and Di. If you are truly skillful as a Flunky you may even manage to wheedle a signature from the Head of the Household - Her Royal Majesty herself. You start out with just a box of matches and your autograph book to help you, but there is room for one more article in your pocket. provided it is small enough. You may find a bomb, a pistol or even a tug-boat could come in handy in this strange household. You will have to watch out, though. The palace guards dish out swift punishment if you should break any of the rules of the House but you can avoid them if you are nippy on your feet. CONTROLS The game starts in the Menu Room, where Flunky uses the bar to cycle through the options and the buzzer to make his selection. The JOYSTICK is Kempston, but most others can be programmed using the NEW KEYS option. If NEW KEYS aren't selected the game defaults to the following: Left Z Right X Up Q Down A Pocket/Put Down C Scoring Each of the five tasks must be carried out within a set time limit. If successful, your score for each task will be the time left on the count-down clock when you have completed it plus a 1000 point bonus for the autograph. You can carry the count-down clock around with you if you wish. Your total score is in the Menu Room which you can visit at any time. Restart If all seems lost you can start a new game by returning to the Menu Room and selecting the ABORT option or, if you are a truly despondent Flunky, you can always cast yourself repeatedly onto the bayonet of a passing guard.

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