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Angel Nieto Pole 500

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************************************************************* ** Traduction de la notice espagnole en anglais par Steve. ** ************************************************************* Angel Nieto, Pole 500cc Introduction by Angel Nieto - "If you like the real world of motorcycle racing and want to experience this with your friends on a computer, Opera Soft has got the best Moto GP simulator. With such actual details as the true world championship. Seeing this has made me remember my Grand Prix. So I would advise the following: 1. It is important to know each circuit. 2. Study the racing line of each curve and the reference points for braking and acceleration. 3. Tune your bike. 4. Study your opponents well. 5. Take risks when absolutely necessary to win. If you follow my advice. You will win!" Instructions. Angel Nieto Pole 500 is a simulator of the 500cc World Motorcycle Championship which faithfully reproduces the 16 circuits in which it is held, as well as the bikes and riders running in it. You will find options to train, tune up your bike or ride with a friend simultaneously on the screen. With this game you can participate in a full Grand Prix season, this includes qualifying sessions for each race, in order to earn your starting grid position. Once you earned your place in the grid you will take part in racing and will score as do the rest of the riders. The game will track your progress and tell you what position you are at all times, above this (top left) is shown your starting (quali) position. (MARCHA) Also on screen you'll be able to see your current speed, gear position, rpm counter, don't go too fast or the race will be over for you! Finally, look out for the track marshals who warn you of dangers that you will find, accidents or oil stains. Before the race check the weather to choose between three types of tires that will give you optimum performance. Contesting a G.P. pressing the return key menu means abandoning the race. IMPORTANT NOTE: Tape version has only 4 circuits. At the practice or single race option you can only choose one of the circuits you have in memory at that time. For disk drives you can access any circuit, they are automatically loaded. KEY ACTIONS Choose the menu options with the arrow keys and Return. From the main menu you'll find the following options: 1 (CONFIGURAR) SET 2 (ESTADISTICAS) STATISTICS 3 (ENTRENAMIENTOS) TRAINING 4 (CARRERA) RACE 1. ( CONFIGURAR) SET: This option gives you access to a new menu where you will find: Player 1- joy or keyboard Player 2- joy or keyboard 1A. (DEFINE JUEGO) DEFINE GAME: 1Aa. REDEFINE KEYS P1 & P2: (CAMBIO) GEAR hold down accelerate or brake & tap gear to change up or down. (DERECHA) RIGHT (IZQUIERDA) LEFT (FRENA) BRAKE (ACELERA) ACCELERATE not redefinable keys- CONTROL: to pause game. DEL: to return to menu. 1Ab. (JUGADOR) One or two players: option in which you can compete on the same circuit and also against the aces of the world and a friend. 1Ac. (NUMERO DE VUELTAS) SET THE NUMBER OF LAPS: Default is 2 laps, but you can define up to 20. Use return then p1 joy L&R to select. 1Ad/e. ( MODO MUNDIAL) FULL GP SEASON or (MODO MITIN) SINGLE RACE. Select actual circuit using return key. 1B. (DEFINE MOTO) DEFINE BIKE: 1Ba. (TIPO DE CAMBIO) AUTO OR MANUAL GEAR CHANGE: Default is automatic or select manual gearbox. 1Bb. (RELACCION DE CAMBIO) GEAR RATIO: Choose long or short gears, use short gears for tight twisty circuits. Long gears result in a higher top speed. (LARGO) LONG (CORTO) SHORT 1Bc. ( TIPOS DE NEUMATICOS) TYPE OF TYRES: You can also choose the type of tyres, depending on weather conditions prevailing in the circuit, slicks for dry track, mixed tyres for wet track or changing weather conditions or full wets for rain. Slicks are chosen as default. 1C. (CARGAR MUNDIAL) LOAD LEVEL: This option is complementary to the next one and serves to continue the game where you left off. 1D. (GRABAR MUNDIAL) SAVE LEVEL: Ideal if you're playing the World Championship and you want to continue another day. Use a blank cassette tape or disk. Follow the instructions that appear on your monitor. 1E. (SALIDA) EXIT MENU 2. (ESTADISTICAS) STATISTICS: note- players 1&2 names appear on the stat screens as JUGADOR 1&2 2A. (TIEMPOS DE ENTRENAMIENTOS) TIME TRAINING. Gives the lap time for the top 6 riders. 2B. (RESULTADOS DE LA CARRERA) RACE TIMES: shows the overall time elapsed for top 6 riders to complete the last Grand Prix. 2C. (CLASIFICACION MUNDIAL) WORLD RANKINGS: Shows the top 6 and their total World Championship points so far. 3. (ENTRENAMIENTOS) TRAINING: Lap times are entered as your quali time for a race if you choose to do so. Continue with further laps to learn the circuit and improve your lap time. Two players is an option to ride together and gain quali times. 4. RACE: enters you into either a full season or a single race dependant on settings chosen in option 1Ad/e. CIRCUIT LIST : 01 - JAPON - SUZUKA 02 - EEUU - LAGUNA SECA 03 - ESPANA - JEREZ 04 - ITALIA - MISANO 05 - ALEMANIA - NURBURGRING 06 - AUSTRIA - SALZBURGRIN 07 - YUGOSLAVIA - RIJEKA 08 - HOLANDA - ASSEN 09 - SPA - BELGICA 10 - LE MANS - FRANCIA 11 - UK - DONINGTON 12 - SUECIA - ANDERSTORP 13 - CHECOS - BRNO 14 - HUNGRIA - HUNGARODRING 15 - AUSTRALIA - PHILLIP 16 - BRASIL - INTERLAGOS

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