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RASTERSCAN The game takes place aboard a large spaceship, the Rasterscan. After a skirmish the Rasterscan is badly crippled and drifting helplessly towards a star. The player takes the role of a small robot by the name of M.S.B. Unfortunately M.S.B.'s only remaining program is how to repair toasters and it hasn't a clue how to operate the spaceship. The object of the game is to repair and control the Rasterscan preferably before it collides with the star! M.S.B. can use an object to teleport from one place to another. This is done by placing the M.S.B. over the object and pressing fire, moving the M.S.B. to the object's destination and pressing fire again. The object will appear directly below M.S.B. All machinery and instruments can (once repaired) be operated by plugging M.S.B. into them. Locks can be opened by completing a simple logic puzzle. The Generator must be repaired. Part of the fuel pipe runs outside the ship. M.S.B. must collect a pipe section from the store, find and repair the leak. You must switch on the scanner which is located on the bridge of the ship. In a room near the scanner are the switches, and by using the correct combination you will switch on the scanner. CONTROLS Joystick or Keyboard. Q - UP P - RIGHT A - DOWN SPACE - FIRE O - LEFT (C) Mastertronic Limited 1988 Made in Great Britain Design: Words & Pictures Ltd., London

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