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Archon II - Adept

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ARCHON II: ADEPT TWO SCREENS Adept uses the same Strategy and Battleground screens as does Archon. PLAYER OPTIONS Adept uses the same Player Options as does Archon. MOVES You begin with four Adepts. On each turn you use whatever magical energy you have left to: 1. Move an Adept. 2. Use an Adept to cast a spell. or 3. Move an icon conjured up on a previous turn. WINNING You win if you occupy all six power points, if you triumph in the Apocalypse or if your opponent runs out of magical energy or icons. THE BOARD * The main board is composed of four bands representing the classical elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. There are four squares which are not part of the bands. Two are black, neutral Voids. The others are the citadels of Order and Chaos. Voids can be occupied by icons but citadels cannot. * There are six flashing power points. Two are the Voids and the other four move from turn to turn. MOVEMENT If the frame is on your side, it's your turn. Use your joystick to move it atop the icon you want and push the button. Next, move it to your intended destination and press the button again. (If you don't want that icon, then push the button again. NOTE: The rule for cancelling an Adept move is different.) Elementals & Demons: Slide them as far as you like with two restrictions: they cannot pass another icon and they cannot end up atop a friendly icon. You may jump from one element to an adjacent one. Adepts: They can teleport anywhere on the board at the cost of a bit of magical energy. MAGIC SPELLS * Instead of a move an Adept can cast any spell it has enough energy for. Select the Adept with the frame, press the button and press it again. This produces "SELECT YOUR SPELL". * Move the joystick forward and backwards to get the choices. Press the button on the one you want. You can change your mind with "CANCEL SPELL". If you already selected the spell then move the frame to your citadel and press the button. * Magic lies at the heart of the action but it costs. The amount of magical energy you have is shown by the vertical bar and varies throughout the game. * Moving icons is mostly free but its takes energy to maintain Demons and Elementals and lots more to cast spells. The energy bar shows you the cost of your options. * The effect of spells is limited to the element that the Adept is on. Adepts cannot cast spells from a Void and are immune to all spells except Heal. THE SPELL LIST Summon: Choose among four Demons and four Elementals. NOTE: Adept magic works only within the element of the conjuring Adept. You may summon an icon and directly attack an opposing icon at an energy cost. For attacking Adepts you must use icons already on the board. Heal: Cures half of an icon's wounds and all paralysis. Weaken: Cuts an enemy icon's current lifespan in half. Imprison: The imprisoned icon cannot be moved but it costs energy. Release: When you can no longer afford or need to keep an icon imprisoned. Banish: Very expensive to cast but very effective. Apocalypse: Use to put a hopelessly overwhelmed enemy out of misery or as an act of suicidal desperation. COMBAT TIPS Attack Methods: On the battleground, icons hurl, hammer, flame, sing, fling, stare and otherwise harass the enemy in whatever direction you move the joystick while pressing the button. The Attack Interval:Combat is fast but you have to wait for the attack interval to pass before you can attack again. Attack Styles: Each icon is most effective when used in friendly elements and well understood. Adept missiles can be steered as long as you hold down the button but then the Adepts cannot move. The Gorgon does not wound; it paralyses. Wraiths are not nice; they are invisible except when they are attacking you. The Firebird cannot be hurt, or move when exploding, but you can end the explosion by releasing the button. Sirens don't have to aim. Just press the button and the singing and the dying starts. Juggernauts are like missiles. They travel in straight lines and are invulnerable except to the song of the Siren. Archon II: Adept. Starting Play: Select the game configuration from the start up menu, choose which side you wish to use, who goes first and specific game controls. Press zero when you are ready to play. Press Spacebar and hold to skip through the start up sequence. (The player options are as shown and differ from those stated in the manual). Keyboard Controls: Left Right Down Up Fire Chaos F H X W space Order F4 F6 F2 F8 small enter key Handicapping: Before starting your game, select your play level; beginner, experienced, advanced or Adept. Beginners start with more magical energy, advanced players start with less. The lower a player's level, as compared to an opponents, the slower the opponents icon's, missiles and attacks will be. In the case of Adepts not only do they move slower but their missiles are harder to control. Choose Adept for the most skillful and Beginner for the least skillful player to obtain the maximum possible handicap. Moving Icons on the strategy board: The selection frame appears on your side of the board when it's your turn to move. Use either joystick or keys to place the frame over the icon you want and press fire. Next, move the icon (or frame in the case of Adepts) to the desired location and press fire again. For additional information about movement rules refer to the manual. Moving and Fighting on the Battleground: You must fight for disputed territory when you enter a space occupied by an opposing icon. Use joystick or keys to move the icon. To fire move in the direction you wish to aim and then press fire. For additional information please refer to the manual. Note: Your wraiths are visible when you play against the computer, because the computer knows where they are, so it's only fair that you know as well. Casting Spells: Place the frame over an Adept and press fire twice; this displays the top of a list move up and down the list to find the spell that you require, then press fire to cast. Choose cease conjuring if you change your mind. If you change your mind mid-spell, move the frame over your citadel and press fire. To change your mind during a Summon spell fire over the blank square at the end of the line of icons. Casting spells costs magical energy. Occupying power points increases your energy. Your total energy is displayed on the bar that appears below the board during your move. (This differs from the manual which states that the bar is vertical). Quitting, press 'escape key' to quit from the game. ELECTRONIC ARTSĀ® Home Computer Software ELECTRONIC ARTS LIMITED 11/49 STATION ROAD, LANGLEY, BERKS SL3 8YN. EO3220EY

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