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The Ellisnore Diamond

Manual n° 1

THE ELLISNORE DIAMOND (Zenobi Software) During the English Civil War, the priceless Ellisnore Diamond was given to Sir Roger Durwood by King Charles the First as a reward for hiding the king in Carisbrooke Castle. Sir Roger, (also known as "Blackbeard" because of his full black beard, coppery face and evil eyes), thereupon denounced the King to the Roundheads ... an act of pure unmitigated treachery ... and in turn received ample reward for his treason. After the king's capture, suspicion fell upon Sir Roger and popular opinion caused him to be removed from the governorship of the castle. If the truth had been but known, the Roundheads themselves were the ones for instigating the rumour in the first place. Removed from office, Sir Roger, or Blackbeard as he was more commonly referred to, returned to the village of Moonholm and lived in seclusion, weighed down with guilt and remorse, and despised by all until he died. However, even after his death he could not rest; for men said that he had hidden the diamond and that, not daring to reclaim it, had let the secret of its whereabouts die with him and that his ghost now stalked the night trying to locate the missing gem. Legend also had it that just prior to his death he had vowed to sell the diamond and spend the proceeds on the poor of the parish ... an act of contrition by a sorrowful and lonely man. THE STORY SO FAR ... The local parson summoned you, and over some tea and hot crumpets, devised a plan to recover the lost diamond ... YOU would complete Blackbeard's task, thereby releasing the ghost from eternal damnation and providing the poor of the parish with some much needed wealth. However, before you could embark upon your quest a sever storm whipped up mountainous seas and flooded most of the low-lying village. Some cottages were ruined and the church foundations greatly weakened. When the storm abated folk wandered about checking on the damage. The parson was a great source of comfort and was to be found everywhere where help was needed and comfort required. When things returned to some semblance of normality you decided to take a look for yourself and made your way to the market square in an effort to assess the situation. You pause for a moment and then, just as you are about to set off on your quest, you realise you have a slightly more pressing problem ... you have lost your front door key! NOTES : Some useful commands are ... AGAIN (repeats last command) or FONT 1 and FONT 2 which will enable you to choose between the TWO sets of characters. Other commands recognised are ... GET ALL, GET ALL EXCEPT and PUT (item) IN SATCHEL.

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