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The Experience

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LOADING INSTRUCTIONS 464: Held down the CTRL and tap the small ENTER key. 664/6128: Type | (shifted @ ) TAPE (ENTER) then type RUN" (ENTER) THE GAME A thought provoking new adventure set in a dark attic, inhabited by yourself and menacing shadows and a variety of objects and clues littered about the room. You can attempt anything in order to achieve your goals- a) To escape from this apparently exitless room b) To discover what the Experience is. There'll be a time, The world will spin, Be purged of sin, And the knowledge will be mine. COMMANDS Type in any command you wish to perform in simple phrases or full sentences, or a more complicated verb/noun/adverb/noun combination. It is a feature of the game that the vocabulary is very large and experimentations will often lead to unexpected results.

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