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A Midsummer Day's Dream


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MIDSUMMER'S DAY DREAM Peter Clark Adventure Workshop This is a game with much charm, good descriptions and humour. Part 1 is a little short on puzzles requiring logic, not so much in solving them but in understanding the connection between what you need to do, and how and why you would even want to do it. Part 2 is a delightful conglomeration of fairy tales. HINTS: EXAMINE everything. There are not time limits. The parser recognizes more than two word commands so remember prepositions such as in, at, to, under, through, with, over, behind, etc. Part 1: KICK the rubble. Don't panic when the dinghy floats away. TALK TO . FRY something edible in the frying pan. The bottle of light ale is a broad hint. OPEN it when it's dark. Remember to put the trunk back. SEARCH and EXAMINE are not the same. If at first you don't succeed with a command, try again (e.g. throwing something at the pond). Ask the genie for the musket. Remember Peter Pan, especially the crocodile. The password at the station is Wombledon, how you are to know this escapes me. Part 2: Some of the hints of part 1 are still useful in Part 2. Plant the seed where there are things growing. Adverbs are important here, notably, OPEN DOOR QUIETLY, and LOOK CLOSER AT BED. Dig with an implement after you come out of the teapot. The umbrella can be used as a lever. Be very patient at the lawn, and somewhat patient at the convention. If at first you don't succeed with a command, try again (e.g. WAITING at the lawn, retrieving the brick, playing the slot machine). MAKE A PILE WITH THE TEABAGS. Like Alice in Wonderland, you will need to become bigger and smaller more than once. Use the card to hit a beast. Take what you hear the tap telling you. Give the hedgehog something to drink.

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