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The Miser

Manual n° 1

MISER (Zenobi Software) Down through the years one man's name has conjured up great visions of cold-heartedness towards others and a flagrant disregard for the suffering of fellow human-beings ... that man's name was EBENEZER SCROOGE. A lonely and solitary figure of a man, he dwelt in his uncared-for house surrounded by nothing more than memories and dust. With just the occasional cry of ... "Humbug!" to rent the silence, he went about his daily life unconcerned with the plight of others. That is until the arrival of the ghostly form of his late partner JACOB MARLEY at the foot of his bed one dark and fateful morn. From then on, the man who was the epitome of meanness was to undergo a change of character the likes of which was never to be seen again. This is a "lighthearted" tale of this man and of his endeavours to perform something that was contrary to his beliefs ... Namely a "GOOD DEED". In fact not just ONE good deed, but TWELVE of them!!! Return with us now to those "thrilling days of yester-year" and relive the struggles of Scrooge as he sets about his task. A task, which in his own eyes, was almost impossible. After all, it is bad enough that he should have to perform such deeds, but in order to do so he must first discover what the deeds actually are and then how to perform them! NOTES To complete your task you must perform TWELVE good deeds, though these deeds may be performed in any order that you so wish. Once you have done this, then it is just a simple task of making your way to your nephew's house in order to finish the game. To learn of each and every good deed that must be performed just read all the text carefully and question every person you encounter on your travels. To talk to such people merely input TALK TO THE BUTCHER or TALK TO THE SHOPKEEPER or TALK TO TIM, and if they have something to discuss then they will allow themselves to be engaged in conversation. This game will accept all the standard commands such as LOOK UNDER THE BED and CLIMB OVER THE FENCE as well as RAMSAVE and RAMLOAD ... Use these last two to record a game position to memory, though always use the standard SAVE and LOAD to make a more permanent record to tape.

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