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Star Sabre

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>It's time to do battle again with the alien scumbags of the universe. Only you and the Star Sabre can stop them... Loading: CPC users: Hold CTRL and press small ENTER key. Start Tape. Commodore users: Stop picking random phone numbers to call and asking the person on the other end if they like 'Doctor Who'. Spectrum 48K users. STOP putting on your mother's clothing and collecting small animals to stuff and mount in your lonely motel. Program © 2007 PAUL KOOISTRA Cassette Released by CRONOSOFT © 2008 If you like this game, why not check out our massive range of new games for a variety of computers at www.cronosoft.co.uk CRONOSOFT ----------------------------- 3 LENTONS LANE | ©P. Kooistra | LEVERTON | All rights reserved | BOSTON | Released by CRONOSOFT | LINCS. PE22 0AY, UNITED KINGDOM -----------------------------

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_______________________________________________________________________________ STAR SABRE _______________________________________________________________________________ LOADING To load type RUN"SABRE" and press ENTER / RETURN. STORY 2384AD. Mankind has extensively colonised several hundred planetary systems after the development of a space folding drive. While the ruins of extraterrestrial civilizations are discovered, they have all long since passed into history. Humanity finds itself alone in the galaxy, with no option but to pick over the bones of these ancient otherworldly peoples, in order to learn about them, and why they disappeared. On a routine survey mission at the edge of explored space in your S922 Sabre scout craft, you briefly pick up a distress signal from a nearby Xeno-archaeological site. Locking in the coordinates, the folding drive kicks in and delivers you to a scene of devastation! Vessels of unknown origin are raining destruction upon the outpost, so while it appears mankind's isolation is at an end, it seems the task has fallen to you to blast these new galactic neighbours into the history books! CONTROLS Joystick or keys: Q, A, O, P and SPACE CREDITS Game Code and Graphics by Paul Kooistra Sound Code and Music by Targhan Loading Screen Artwork by Matthew van Rooijen Loading Screen CPC Conversion by Sylvestre Published in 2010 by Psytronik Software www.psytronik.com

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