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Euro Boss

Last Update : Friday 02 August 2013 at 21 h 54

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Instructions for: Euro Boss --------------------------- TRANSFERS (Approximate Value) DIV 1 SKILL DIV 2 ------------------------------------- œ 700,000 50-59 œ400,000 œ 850,000 60-69 œ500,000 œ1,000,000 70-79 œ600,000 œ1,150,000 80-89 œ700,000 œ1,300,000 90-99 œ800,000 PROMOTION - The top 2 teams from Division 2 are promoted. SUBSITUTES - You are allowed 1 subsitute. Press S to bring on your substitute. TICKET PRICES - Your attendance for home matches will mainly depend on your division, your league position, your opponents league position and your ticket prices. The attendance may fall significantly if you over-price your tickets. You must try to find the right balance for ticket prices to obtain the maximum income from each home match. NOTE: All standing places will be occupied before any seats are taken. RETIREMENTS - All players retire at 35 years of age. POSSESSION - Possession in the Match refers to quality possession around the Penalty Area. SACKING - You will be sacked if you have failed to make your stadium completely all seated by the end of your 2nd season (ie. Seating Capacity 45,000) or if your current account is overdrawn at the end of any season. Depending on your success, you may have to sell some of your top players to finance building, if income from gate receipts and bank loans is insufficient. CUP MATCHES - All cup matches are played on neutral ground. If your Cup Match is drawn, the game will be decided by a penalty shoot-out. BANK - You are only permitted 2 bank loans per season. STAFF - A physio will reduce injuries. Some of your players may suffer from serious long term injuries. A Coach will increase training. Designed & Programmed by Steven Parker & Alastair MacNair. (c) Challenge Software, 1991.

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