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European Champions

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EUROPEAN CHAMPIONS AMSTRAD CPC 464 E&J SPECIAL FEATURES Exciting Match Play Action Featuring a complete Overview of the Pitch Showing the Movement and Direction of Play including: Goal Kicks, Throw-Ins, Fouls, Shots, Crosses, Headers, Corners, Free Kicks, Penalties, Booking, Injuries, 2 Substitutes Allowed - PLUS a Full Match commentary. INSTRUCTIONS Loading ======= SPECTRUM - Type LOAD "" and then Press ENTER and Start the Tape. After Loading press any key and wait for the game to initialize (approx. 4 Mins). COMMODORE - Press the SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys simultaneously. After loading press any key and wait for the game to initialize (approx. 2 mins). AMSTRAD - Press the CONTROL and ENTER keys simultaneously. When the tape stops Enter N and press any key. After Entering Manager's name and Selecting your Team Press PLAY and any key to complete loading. Saving and Loading a Saved Game =============================== SPECTRUM - Prepare a cassette to Record. Press PLAY/RECORD on your cassette player and any key. To Load a Saved Game simply insert your saved game tape and type LOAD"". COMMODORE - Prepare a cassette to Record & Press PLAY & RECORD. To Load a Saved Game first Load the Master tape. When the tape stops Press any key, remove the Master tape and insert your saved game tape. Then enter Y and Press PLAY on your cassette player. AMSTRAD - Prepare a cassette to Record. Enter a file name and Press PLAY & RECORD and any key. To Load a Saved Game first Load the Master Tape. When the tape stops enter Y and type in the file name of your saved game. Then remove the Master tape (do not rewind the tape) insert your saved game and Press PLAY and any key. When the tape stops replace the Master tape and Press PLAY and any key to complete loading. THE GAME ******** You are Team No 1. If you wish to change Teams, Enter the No of the Team you wish to Manage. Press C to continue when your Team is No. 1 NB: PRESS C TO CONTINUE WHENEVER YOU SEE THE C PROMPT ON SCREEN. Squad Details: -------------- T - Tacking ability (1-5) S - Skill rating (1-5) G - Goal Scoring Potential (1-5) AP - No of Appareances G - Goal Scored P - Player Selected S - Substitute Selected I - Player Injured/Banned You can arrange up to 4 Friendlies (1 Match per month). Discipline - Booking = 3pts. 6pts = Match Ban (Not Friendlies). You can only replace Players in your squad with Players of the same Type (ie Select a Defender to replace a Defender). * = Player injured THE MATCH ********* Friendly Matches not watched are cancelled. The Semi-Final and Final must be watched. Style if play : 1 = Short Passing Game 2 = Neutral Style 3 = Long Ball Game Team Tactics : 1 = Defensive 2 = Average 3 = Attacking Game Note: Your Opponents may vary their Style of Play during a match. On AUTO KICK OFF the Match will run through a Full Time without stopping. On Normal Play Press C when you see the C prompt on screen. Game Speed 1-10 (10 = Slowest). NB: Before Each Match you Must Ensure you have a Min. of 16 Fit Players. Match Venue - (H)ome, (A)way or (N)eutral. To bring on a substitute press the S key when play stops (eg. for a free kick, corner of throw-in etc.). STRATEGY & TACTICS ****************** Tackling Ability = Ability to Win Possession Skill Rating = Ability to Retain Possession Goal Scoring Potential = Ability to Create Scoring Chances. SHORT PASSING GAME - Best suited to Teams with a Strong Skill Rating where the Opposition do not have a Strong Tackling Ability. Also useful for slowing the game down to deny the Opposition Possession. NEUTRAL STYLE - An open flowing game where the passing is varied. This will probably give best results where your Team is generally stronger than the oppisition, but a lot will depend on your Team Tactics and the Style of Play and Tactics of the Opposition. LONG BALL GAME - This is useful where you have forwards with a high Rating for Skill and Tackling Ability, particularly if your Midfield is weaker than the opposition's. Also useful for taking the pressure off your Defence and for launching a quick counter attack. DEFENSIVE GAME - Will increase the Quality of your Defending and your Team's Tackling Ability at the expense of your Forward Play. AVERAGE PLAY - This will allow your Team to Play their Natural Game. ATTACKING GAME - Will Increase the Quality of your Attacking Play and your Team's Ability to Retain Possession at the expense of your Defensive Play. (c) Challenge Software This Program is the copyright of Challenge Software and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of challenge Software, Hatton House, Church Lane, Cheshunt, Herts, EN8 0DW.

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