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Flight Simulation
Flight Simulator

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MYRDDIN FLIGHT SIMULATION FOR THE AMSTRAD CPC 464 Copyright MYRDDIN SOFTWARE 1985 LOADING To load insert tape then press CTRL key and Small enter key together. TAKE OFF At the start of a flight, your plane is at longitude and latitude zero, facing down Runway 1, pointing West. Open the throttle and remove your brakes. The plane will start to move forward. It is best to have your flaps up at this stage as this will increase your speed and acceleration. When your speed exceeds 60 knots (or 40 knots with flaps down) you may start to climb. When in flight raise your wheels to decrease drag. STALL & CRASH SPEEDS Stall speed with flaps down = 40 knots Stall speed with flaps up = 60 knots Max. speed = 500 knots (if exceeded you will crash). LANDING You may land at either of the two airfields. A landing anywhere else will result in a crash. Airfield 2 has two runways for you to choose from. Having located the runway, lower your flaps and wheels which have the effect of reducing speed and lowering your stall speed. As you decrease height check how quickly you are descending, so that when you make the final descent to zero altitude you will not over descend, causing a crash. If your rate of descent is too fast you must reduce speed until the increments of descent are small enough to allow you to gently reach zero feet. You must only reach zero feet when you are on the runway and immediately close the throttle, having first applied the brakes. Use the '!' key to practice landing (see 'cheat key'). LONGITUDE AND LATITUDE The starting runway is located in the centre of the map. This is longitude zero and latitude zero. Longitude and latitude are marked from 32000 through zero to +32000. If you fly off the edge of the map you will return at the opposite edge. 'CHEAT KEY' The exclamation mark (!) will enable you to return on the bearing you are flying (turns you through 180 degrees). This is invaluable for practising landing and take off. REFUELLING You will receive a full tank of fuel when you successfully land on any of the three runways. But, in line with standard aviation practice you will only be refulled if you have less than half a tank of fuel. LANDMARKS On the map you will see various landmarks. Some are three dimensional others are fields and lakes. There are also a star, a compass and an Amstrad logo which are marked on the ground. You must experiment to find which heights are best to view these landmarks but generally speaking 300-400 feet is best. SKILL LEVELS The skill level changes the response of the Aircraft controls, effectively changing the type of Aircraft you are flying. Skill levels may only be changed when the plane is stationary. The 'P' key increases the level and the 'Q' key reduces it. There are 15 levels (Dingbat Mks) shown on the dashboard. However, if you press 'P' again, when it is set to 15, you will disable the instrument panel and will be in for a hectic flight. HINTS Do not overreact and press keys one at a time. The view from the cockpit is a simulation of the real life view. If an object leaves the bottom of the windscreen it will still be in front and below you for some time. So that if you use the 'cheat key' and turn round straightaway the object will be below you and out of vision. You must wait until it is behind you before turning. Try to avoid climbing too high, as over 2000 feet ground visibility becomes poor. Keep using the 'cheat key' (!) until you are used to flying the simulator. When flying refer often to the map, compass and longitude/latitude indicators. CONTROLS ! = Reverse direction O = Open throttle C = Close throttle W = Wheels up or down F = Flaps up or down B = Brakes on or off U = Up \ D = Down |_ or Joystick L = Left | R = Right /

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