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Steg The Slug

Last Update : Wednesday 17 February 2021 at 20 h 49

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STEG THE SLUG Steg's a slug. A slippy slimey sloppy slug and a one parent family to boot. The boring fact of life is that the nippers always need feeding. Nosh Nosh Nosh! Grubs are the main food stuff of Steg's t'yungunz. They snack on them by the tonne. Poor ole Steg, without arms and legs he's just a bit hopeless at catching the darn things. But this is where his Acme Bionic Bitz 'n' Pieces Catalogue came in.... LOADING: on the 464 type RUN"(ENTER) on the 664/6128 type |TAPE(ENTER)RUN"(ENTER) Steg has to look after his family of T'yungunz. To do this he must feed them. You control Steg by making him slither around the walls. He can go up down and around. He can even stick upside down to a wall. Steg can also blow bubbles. It is by doing this that he captures the grubs which he needs to feed his family. To catch a grub, Steg must blow a bubble such that it envelopes a grub. The bubble then drifts up and this is when the problems occur. The bubbles are very fragile and must be guided by nudging slightly or giving them a quick blow. Be careful as the bubbles will burst on contact with any sharp object. Avoid spikes, glass and fire. Littered around the caves are bellows and blowing devices. When activated these will push the bubbles away from them. Work out the activation and deactivation switches and use them to help you. Steg will find parts from the Acme Bionic Bitz Catalogue knocking around the level. Pick these up to use their super abilities. Controls All times Blow bubble about Press Space and release Fire Create Bubble Press and Hold Space Press (0) to kill any tyungunz that are not asleep M to toggle between music and effects H to pause Enter to lose addon Escape quits to title page Drop Bionic Bitz Press Return Slither Mode (with No Bionic Bitz) Slither Up Q Up Slither Down A Down Slither Left O Left Slither Right P Right Flying Mode (With Genie Rocket Pack) Fly Up Q Up Fly Down A Down Fly Left O Left Fly Right P Right Steg Leg Mode (with Bionic Legs) Walk Left O Left Walk Right P Right Jump Q Up Duck A Down Hints and Tips * Keep an eye on the status of T'yungunz. * Be careful not to incinerate the grubs with rocket pack. * Remember you can slither up and down walls. * Slither around pipes. HELP LINES NEW RELEASE INFO LINE 0891 555 000 (Tells you what is being released this month) If you can't get any further in any of these games and would like us to give hints & tips on how to solve all the puzzles just phone the numbers below. Please don't phone unless you are really stuck and make sure you get permission from the person who pays the phone bill first! SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD, C64 DIZZY 0891 555 093 TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0891 555 091 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY 0891 555 078 LITTLE PUFF 0891 555 094 ROCKSTAR 0891 555 090 MAGICLAND DIZZY 0891 555 096 SLIGHTLY MAGIC 0891 555 050 SEYMOUR GOES TO HOLLYWOOD 0891 555 010 SPIKE IN TRANSYLVANIA 0891 555 051 STEG 0891 555 013 ATARI ST AND AMIGA TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0891 555 092 LITTLE PUFF 0891 555 095 ROCKSTAR 0891 555 090 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY 0891 555 078 SEYMOUR GOES TO HOLLYWOOD 0891 555 010 SPIKE IN TRANSYLVANIA 0891 555 051 STEG 0891 555 012 Call costs 36p per minute during off -peak time and 48p per minute at all other times. (GREAT BRITAIN ONLY) CODEMASTERS This great game was brought to you by... Design Big Red Software Programming Paul Griffiths Graphics Peter Ranson Project Director Paul Ranson Production Stew Regan & Pat Stanley ArtDirector Shân Savage This program, including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of CodeMasters Limited and no part may be copied, stored, translated or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of CodeMasters Limited. Made In England Published by CodeMasters Ltd. PO Box 6, Leamington Spa, England. CV33 0SH

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