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Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes
Massacre A La Tomate

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THE ATTACK OF THE KILLER TOMATOES THE GAME There's Wimp in at 9, and just about to begin another day's work, when he discovers that the tomatoes have mutated. In his fight against the clock Wimp must nab the Killer Tomatoes and hole them before they pip him to the post. Then there's the Pizza Parlours who have to be supplied regularly with puree from the bouncing ones; and it's a long trek to those crushers. Being a wimp though, there are several objects scattered around to help him in his bloody fight. As a bit of a cheat, he can gain more time by finding some punch cards and clocking in, if he can remember where to find the machine. But he'll have to discover which object will allow him to defeat the might of the bouncing, time consuming, killer tomatoes. Have you got the bottle to take up the challenge of the Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? PLAYING INSTRUCTIONS LOADING: Place cassette in your recorder and rewind to the beginning. SPECTRUM 48K/128K: Type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Press PLAY on your recorder. AMSTRAD CPC464: Press CONTROL (CTRL) and small ENTER keys simultaneously, press PLAY on the recorder and then any key. CPC664/6128: Type TAPE followed by RUN "". Press PLAY on your recorder. Disk: RUN "DISC". Press ENTER MSX: Type CLOAD "T", R press RETURN and PLAY on your recorder. COMMODORE 64/128: Press SHIFT and RUN/STOP keys together. Press PLAY on your recorder. KEYBOARD CONTROLS Q=Jump A=Advance Z=Rotate left X=Rotate right 1,2,3=Collect/drop stunned bouncy tomatoes 4,5,6,7=Collect/drop objects (individual pocket control) K,9,0= Collect/drop punch cards P=Pause S=Start after pause BREAK=Abort game JOYSTICK CONTROLS Protek & Sinclair Joystick: FORWARDS=Advance FIRE=Jump LEFT=Rotate left RIGHT=Rotate right A,S,D=Collect/drop stunned bouncy tomatoes F,G,H,J=Collect/drop objects (individual pocket control) K,L,ENTER= Collet/drop punch cards Others as for Keyboard Kempston Joystick: FORWARDS=Advance FIRE=Jump LEFT-Rotate left RIGHT=Rotate right Others as for Keybaord

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