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Mac 2

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MAC II - HELP FILE ------------------ Copyrite 1990 Dino Written for SCULL PD LIBRARY MAC II is a brilliant maze-game. It boasts many features including multi- colour graphics, 10 levels at thirty screens per level (that's 300 screens in total!), a level designer and much more. If you like this game, why not get some more great programs from the library? Just send a 50p, a disk, and a SAE, and you will be sent 170K of PD and the latest stock-lisk disk-magazine. The address is: SCULL PD LIBRARY, 119 Laurel Drive, East Kilbride, Glasgow G75 9JG Please note that all the MAC II files must not be sold for profit, except by SCULL PD, and they must not be altered in ANY way - this includes tampering with the copyright messages. THE GAME -------- Mac is controlled using the joystick or with keys Q - Up, A - Down, O - Left, & P - Right. The aim of the game is to travel through each level. To finish a level, you must collect FIVE treasures. This is not as easy as it sounds since all the treasures are behind locked doors. So, to get them, you must first un- lock the doors (obviously). There are ten levels in total, and you can start the game on any one of them by selecting from the title screen menu. The standard amount of lives per game is 10, but until you become experienced in the game, you are advised to increase this number. Once you have played all the levels, or if you find the game too easy, then try playing it with the map switched off. You will find the game far more tricky than before, even if you think you know each level backwards! LEVEL DESIGNER -------------- This program allows you to design your own levels for this game. To load your levels into MAC II, you must select level 9 from the title screem. This is because each user-designed level is saved as L9.M2. If you with to assign this to a level number other than 9, then use: ├╣REN,"L?.M2","L9.M2" where ? repres- ents the level number 0-9. Full instructions are included in this program, but remember that there must be at least 5 treasures in each level, otherwise, you will not be able to complete it. If you design a good level, then send it into SCULL PD. If enough are sent, then there will be a disk of new extra levels.

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