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MIC R O BALL -=O Amstrad Loading Instructions:- Hit CTRL ENTER together, then press PLAY then any key. KEYS Left Flipper SHIFT Right Flipper RETURN Pull Plunger SPACE Start Game P Tilt TAB Reset Game R 5 balls per game. GETTING STARTED Press P to start the game. Pressing P more than once will allow 2, 3 or 4 player games. ACHIEVING BONUSES Hitting various targets on the pintable will increase the bonus and hitting all 5 drop targets on the left of the table will advance the bonus multiplier. If the bonus multiplier is on 5X and all 5 drop targets are hit, then an extra ball will be awarded. Other bonuses include: Lighting A B C scores 10,000. The right flipper rotates the A B C lights. Lighting A B C or hitting the centre drop targets advances the bonus. Landing on a saucer trap advances the bonus, but if the bonus already stands at 20,000, then the bonus, including the multiplier, will be collected. Lighting 100 causes the bumpers to score 100 instead of 10 when hit. Extra balls can be obtained at 250,000, 480,000 and 720,000. Only one extra ball, per ball, is allowed. The ball is returned if it is lost without scoring. PLAYING HINTS Try to advance the bonus multiplier. 5X any bonus is better than 1X. If you manage to advance the bonus to 20,000, go for the saucer traps to collect the bonus. Make good use of the rotating A B C lights. © Alternative Software Limited 1987 PROGRAMMERS-If you have written a good programme, for ANY home computer, send it to us now for evaluation. We pay EXCELLENT royalties!! Your programme could be in the shops within weeks!! SEND TO: ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE Units 3-6 Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. We will acknowledge receipt of your programme same day.

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