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Space Mania

Manual n° 1

SPACE MANIA By Neil Kolban Our hero, Sammy the spaceman, has teleported on to a weird spaceship in order to explore it, only to find himself in severe peril. Unable to teleport back to his own ship he must collect all the power crystals and reach the ship's own teleporters. You must guide Sammy through the various sections of the ship. Game controls Controls are: Z and X to go left and right, and Shift to jump or use the joystick. Other keys are P to pause and O to turn pause off. Ctrl Q will turn off the sound and Ctrl S will turn it on. Delete quits the game. Typing in the listings As Space Mania is such a large game we are printing it in two parts. The second half will be printed next month. In the meantime if you are going to save it on tape you will need at least two tapes - one to store a copy of the loader programs, in case of accidents, and one for the game the loaders create. Type in Mania Loader first and save it on to the tape you will use for the game. Type in the other listings in order. Save each one on to your other tape. After saving each program put in the game tape and run the program. Correct any errors that show up and save it (not on the game tape). Run it again. If all is well, the program will save a machine code file on to the game tape. Don't forget to do each of the programs in order. When you have created a tape with all the machine code on you can start to play. Rewind to the start of the games tape and press Ctrl and the small Enter key. Disc users need to run the Mania Loader program. SPACE MANIA By Neil Kolban Here is the second part of our prize winning mega-listing. We originally intended to finish the listing this month but have had to hold the rest of the listing over until next month. Still there is plenty here for you to be getting on with. Good luck and happy typing. SPACE MANIA By Neil Kolban Here is the final episode of Space Mania. Once it is all typed in and run together as explained in Part One you should have a super game. Unfortunately in last month's issue we mangled some lines - line 1390 moved to the bottom of the first box. This does not matter because all the lines will sort themselves out once the listing is typed in. Good luck and happy typing. Please note that Space Mania does not appear on any of the listing discs.

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