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Grand Prix

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INFORMATION a On the main menu use the "U" key for up and "D" key for down then enter for option. b During the race "C" key will call in your car. "P" key will display race positions. c During a pitstop use "F" keys for refuelling. d If you don't touch any keys while your car is in the pits, it will do an automatic pitstop but this will tend to be longer than if you controlled the pitstop. e You are only able to go to the bookies after the practice laps and the first four races. f You are only able to go to costs after the first race is over. g Bookies will only acknowledge the last bet you made. h Bonus pay is a percentage of the prize money. i Make sure you have a space in your crew before hiring anyone. j If you hire a driver who isn't on the driver's league, he will only appear when he has scored some points. k At the end of the season players can join or leave the game. l The more development money you put into your car, the more improvement you will see at the start of the next season. If you don't put enough money in, the car will go down rather than up. m LTG stands for "Laps To Go". n When the car comes into the pits with engine trouble it may be one of the following:- 1. Suspension problems 2. Gear box trouble 3. Fuel supply problems Press the numbered key until your mechanics have located and fixed the problem. Grand Prix As manager of a Formula 1, Grand Prix Team, in this full graphical simulation, it's your job to win the Driver and Construction Championships. It's down to you to make all the decisions, right or wrong, to get your team to the top, now load up and race. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | GAMES CONVERTERS | | | | 1. Want to earn top money working from home? | | | | 2. Are you competent in machine code on the Spectrum, C64, Amstrad, ST or | | Amiga? | | | | 3. Interested in converting games to your computer. Making games up on | | your computer or a graphics artist wishing to make up screens on your | | computer? | | | | If your answers to these three questions is yes, then write to us at the | | address below, including some examples of your work and we will get | | straight back to you. | | | | We are constantly looking for new games to publish on any subject. If you | | think you have a game good enough to publish why not send it to us to | | evaluate. We will reply as quickly as possible and undertake not to copy | | your game in any way, shape or form. We offer top rates for games and if we | | do not like the game maybe we can put you in touch with a company that | | will. | | | | To obtain our latest strategy games catalogue FREE, write to the address | | below enclosing a large S.A.E. | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------- Dept Z, 19 Melne Road, / D & H / Stevenage, Herts. SG2 8LL -------- ENGLAND GAMES (0438) 728042 D & H Games cannot guarantee that all the features are on all the versions. Written by Adam Parker, J. De Salis & T. Huggard. Copyright 1989 D & H Games. This program is sold subject to the terms and conditions of sale of the publishers, and the contents are not to be copied, hired, re-sold, publicly performed or broadcast without the publishers written consent. PRODUCED BY APPLETREE PRINT LTD.

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