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THE GAME -------- Can you escape the deadly caverns through the windows to freedom? Barring your escape, is an electrified window. You must hit the master switch hidden in each cavern to stop yourself being frazzled. Not as easy as it sounds though, as various nasties and evil creatures patrol the caverns - not to mention the laser beams... To Load hold down CTRL and press small enter key. CPC conversion © 2007 Kevin Thacker Original C64 conversion © 2003 Richard Bayliss of TND Released by CRONOSOFT.CO.UK in 2008 Email: chaosmongers@yahoo.com Special thanks and hello to: Graz (thanks for the superb artwork), Nich Campbell (thanks for all your help with CD and Tape mastering), Kev Thacker, Richard Bayliss, Jason Kelk, Shaun Bebbington, Jonathan Cauldwell, All the hardcore Cronosoft buyers.. You know who you are! Retro Gamer, Damian, Danny & Craig from Moe's Anvil CRONOSOFT ----------------------------- c/o Retrograms, | © 2007 K. THACKER | Freiston Enterprise Park, | All rights reserved | Priory Road, | Released by CRONOSOFT | Freiston, BOSTON, ----------------------------- Lincolnshire PE22 0JZ

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