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Classic Arcadia Collection
Triple Decker 6

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_________ / \ | CLASSIC | | ARCADIA | | *1* | \_________/ INVADERS They came out of the blue. They are known only as the Invaders. Their Mission: To claim earth as their own. Of course, the fact that man was here first didn't stop them. Destroying the major Cities around the globe, then mercilessly mopping up pockets of resistance. You don't know how many of your comrades are fighting back, or even how many survived, as communications were the first thing to go. As far as you are concerned, you are the last. Only you, 3 ion cannons and lady luck stand between absolute victory, or total defeat. KEYS Select 1 - 6 for the option you require Press FIRE to start the game P pauses the game (press P again to restart) ESCAPE quits current game Z left X right ENTER or RETURN to fire OR JOYSTICK AXIENS A nomadic, marauding pack of invading Axiens out for a wild flinging, all-night get together, decide to drop in for a quick demolition job before moving onto the highlight of the evening. Using your immense amount of grey matter and a lot of luck, you are the only hero the world could find to prevent a one-way trip to stardust! KEYS 1 start a ONE player game 2 start a TWO player game 3 REDEFINE keys or joystick Z - left, X - right, M - fire CTRL/SHIFT/ESC - abort current game. Extra life every 10,000 points. MUNCHER Living in a haunted mansion isn't much fun, especially when the ghouls take over. Muncher Man must gather up all the food before the ghouls get him! A fast action, smooth graphic arcade game. KEYS 1 start game (or fire on joystick) 2 redefine keys/joystick O - left, P - right, Q - up, A - down CTRL/SHIFT/ESCAPE - Abort current game _________ / \ | CLASSIC | | ARCADIA | | *2* | \_________/ GREBIT Grebit ...Grebit ... Grebit Help Freddy Frog and his chums get home safely. Take care on that busy road, watch out the traffic gets worse, don't stay in one spot too long or you will end up a flat frog - GULP! Now you've got to cross a raging river by leaping from log to log - be careful there's a strong current. Can you make it home? Remember FROGS HAVE MORE FUN! Multi-level action CONTROLS Joystick only CRAZY ER*BERT Starring the crazy Er*bert brothers. Move Er*bert through the cubic domain, leap around the pyramid changing the blocks as you go but watch out for the baddies - there's lots of them - gets a bit too hairy for you then guide Er*bert to one of the transporters situated at either side of the screen (PHEW that was close!) Multi-level action CONTROLS Controls are given on the screen. MISSILE The year is 2012 and Earth is under attack. As Regional Air Defence Co-ordinator it is your duty to protect the military bases in your area. Each base consists of six domed billets and an Anti-Missile complex. It is from here that you launch your anti-missile missiles. You must destroy all incoming enemy missiles, aircraft and smart bombs before they reach ground zero, but fire carefully, you only have a limited number of ABM's. Control centres are repaired after each attack wave - but billets are unrepairable. However one billet is repaired once you have scored 10,000 points. Once all billets have been destroyed the game will end. CONTROLS Q = Up A = Down SPACE = Fire O = Left P = Right Or Joystick Keys redefinable © Alternative Software Limited 1992 PROGRAMMERS - If you have written a good program for ANY home computer, send it to us now for evaluation. We pay EXCELLENT royalties!! Your program could be in the shops within 3 months!! SEND TO: ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE, Units 5-7 Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. We will acknowledge receipt of your program same day. IRON-ON T-SHIRT TRANSFER APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS Enclosed you will find one Plastisol transfer from AGAIN AGAIN. This is suitable for transfer onto your T-shirt or sweatshirt provided that it is made from 100% cotton or 50/50 cotton/polyester. Please follow the procedure outlined below in order that you may get the best from this product. THIS SHOULD BE CARRIED OUT BY, OR IN THE PRESENCE OF AN ADULT AND WITH A HIGH LEVEL OF CAUTION:- 1) Place the transfer face down over the desired area of the garment. 2) Cover transfer area with a sheet of plain paper and apply iron directly onto the paper at a temperature of 175-180 degrees centigrade (this wil correspond to the hottest setting on most conventional household hand irons). 3) Hold down iron FIRMLY for a period of 15 seconds, taking care not to scorch the garment. 4) After a cooling period of 60 seconds, carefully peel away backing paper to reveal the AGAIN AGAIN logo. AFTER CARE:- 1) Do not iron directly over the image area. 2) Wash and iron garment inside out at a cool temperature. Tumble dry. Never dry clean.

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