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F L U F F (c) 1994 Radical Software LEVEL NAME 1 Cavern #1 2 Cavern #2 3 Space Central #1 4 Space central #2 5 Woods #1 6 Woods #2 7 Treetops 8 Ice World 9 Rockies #1 10 Rockies #2 STARTING UP Fluff is a game for the Amstrad Plus range on either cassette or tape. To load Fluff from Disc firstly reset the computer, and insert side A of the Fluff disc into the plus machines disc drive. Now type: RUN"FLUFF" To load from tape firstly reset the computer and place side A of the tape into cassette player and rewind it fully. Now type: RUN" The disc or tape should now load automacitally. Tape users should be aware that this game is multiload, which means due to its large size it loades levels in as and when it needs them. For this reason tape users should always reset the tape counter when the game indicates you should. The back page of this booklet has a chart which you can fill in with tape counter numbers for each level so you can quickly fast forward or rewind to each level quickly. CONTROLLING FLUFF Th control the Fluff character within the game is done with the joystick or control paddle. This should be a standard Amstrad joystick with to fire button, or the standard control paddle which every plus owner should have. To pause the game during play press the P button on the keyboard; To end a game press the ESC key. OBJECT OF THE GAME As Fluff the aim the game is to rescue your four wayward children who seem to have wandered of into the horrors of Fluffworld. There are five completely different zones, and ten separate levels through which to guide your children back home. If this wasn't enough Fluffworld is notoriously dangerous, with all sorts of vile animals who can drain a ball of fluff energy. Thankfully not only is fluff particually light on her feet, she also has a method of spinning into ball and twirling so fast that no creature can harm her. Sadly this also uses her limited energy supply, but nowhere as much as being hit by the creatures. In each zone Fluff will find some vastly different challenges. In some are spikes, moving platforms & trampolines, while in others are fires, conveyors belts and giant igloos. All of which can be potentially lethal to poor old Fluff. Most levels allow Fluff to have complete movement, the screen following our fluffly hero, but in the forest the screen will constantly move, causing deadly results if Fluff can't keep up. Also in some areas such as the Ice zone Fluffs ability to speed up and stop is just a little more difficult. There are somethings that can help though. Food is found left lying around which when eaten revitalises Fluff. There are also extra lives and invulnerability pods. If you touch an invulnerablity pod, you will find Fluff becomes totally indestructable for a small time. But not for very long. Thank you for buying Fluff, and I hop you enhjoy playing it! CREDITS Radical Software is a new software house which has been set up to fill the space left by the large software companies which have left the Amstrad scene. If you have any program which you feel could be published by us, then we would happily receive it. Programmer: Rob Buckley Graphics: Rob Buckley Music: Richard Fairhurst With special thanks to all those people who have continued to support Radical, and those users who still buy the software. Copyright (c)1993 Radical Software & Rob Buckley If you have any difficulty with this programme please write to: Radical Software 57 Lebrun Square, Kidbooke, London, SE3 9NS

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