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Bionic Ninja

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Bionic Ninja ------------ Bionic Ninja is an awesome game where the baddies really get what's coming to them. A ruthlessly efficient fighting machine is formed when the oriental disciplines of the east are installed into a killer android. Armed with a killer punch, deathstars and samurai swords your side has the chance of smashing the meanies to bits! Mission Briefing follows . . . Icarus Earth defence base is under attack. Estimated time to total occupation 1.5 hours Deploying Ninjabot 1 to infiltrate base and eradicate alien infestation All units are declared expendable Controls - Joystick: UP - High Kick UP & LEFT - High Kick Left UP & RIGHT - High Kick Right LEFT - Move Left RIGHT - Move Right DOWN & LEFT - Low Kick Left DOWN & RIGHT - Low Kick Right DOWN - Duck UP and FIRE - jump up to top level DOWN and FIRE - jump down to bottom level Controls - Keys: SPACE on KEYBOARD to select desired weapon Q - up Z - down N - fire I - left P - right ENTER - pause Projected Attack Route: 1 Jungle Terrain 2 Cavern Entrance 3 Armoury 4 Control centre Game Design Robert Toone Program & Graphics Brian Cross Made in UK (C) 1989 Zeppelin Games Ltd

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