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War Of The Worms


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Fast moving action on the Amstrad with MK Mostowys. WAR OF THE WORMS IN THIS GAME you must guide a snake around the screen using a joystick or keys of your own choice. The object is to collect all the yellow bags of gold and, if possible, the white goblets that appear at random intervals. On no account must you try to collect a red goblet. You are awarded 10 points for every bag collected and one hundred points for a white goblet. If you manage a high enough score you will be invited to enter it in the high score table provided. If you ever manage to reach screen 15 and onwards things get rather difficult. The program is reasonably short and the breakdown of lines give a good idea of how it works. The program could be shortened slightly by substituting various CHR$ references with control codes entered direct. Do not try to run the program until you have typed in and Saved the entire program on tape. The reason being that the call BB03 statement used within the program not only flushes the keyboard buffer as required but also partially disables the Escape key as well. The only way to stop the program once it is running is to wait until you are confronted with the high score table, then ignore the two options given i.e., C to continue and O for key options, and press E instead. 60-220 Main routine. Scans keyboard or joystick. Checks for collisions. Print snake. Decides whether or not to place goblet. 230-240 Increments score and produces sound when goblet collected. Also increases tail length. 250-260 Increments score and produces sound when goblet collected. Also increases tail length. 270-280 Produces sound and decrements lives when wall, snake or red goblet are hit. 290 Blanks out goblet after delay. 300-310 Places goblet of a random colour at a random position on the screen. 320-500 High score routine. 510 Decrements time scale and checks for end. 520-630 Prints screen. Line 540 prints length of wall. Line 550 prints number of columns. 640 Routine to print columns. 650-780 Gives keyboard or joystick options and allows user-defined keys. 790-820 Sets up user-defined symbols. 830 Defines three strings to print column. 850 Sets variables, envelopes, and dimension arrays for tail position. 860-960 Sets high scores. 970 Defines functions to check screen positions.

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