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L'Affaire Sydney
The Sydney Affair


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Manual n° 3

THE SYDNEY AFFAIR Author: Gilles Blancon As Detective Sergeant in the Crime Squad in St. Etienne (Loire), you've already shown your ability in the Vera Cruz affair. Your superiors have confidence in your abilities and they've put you in charge of another inquiry : The Sidney Affair. A man has just been killed by being shot through the head. The murderer, who was in the building opposite, must have known the exact routine of the victim because he used to walk past this place at the same time every day. You and your team must go to the scene to ascertain the facts. Once this is complete you will have to carry out the actual investigation, using the methods at your disposal. LOADING AND START-UP AMSTRAD Cassette Version : Insert your tape. For the 664 and 6128 key in | Tape (to get |, press shift and @ at the same time). Then for all Amstrad cassette computers, press CTRL key and the small ENTER key by the numeric keypad. The message Run "will appear on screen. Press play on tape. The program will load and run automatically. Note regarding loading error on tape If the border of the screen flickers (displaying multicoloured lines) it means there is a problem with loading the file. Rewind the tape (so that when you press PLAY you can't hear the signal), then press the key "." on the numerical keyboard in order to continue the loading process. Disk version : Insert the disk and key in | CPM (to get |, press shift and @ simultaneously) on the keyboard. The program will load and run automatically. COMMODORE Cassette version : Insert your tape and on C128, press GO 64 and return, then confirm, key Y. Then, on C64 as well, press simultaneously the shift and Run/Stop keys. Then press play. The program will load automatically. Disk version : Insert the disk. On C128, press GO 64 and return then confirm, key Y. Then and as well on C64, press load "*", 8, 1 then RETURN. When the program has loaded, type RUN and press RETURN. Principle of the Game : Who is the Murderer ? Why did he kill Mr Sidney ? You must start your investigation by carrying out routine inquiries at the scene of the crime. However a word of advice, an investigation cannot end without efficient and exhaustive inquiries. These serve as the basis for research and often become the crucial factors in discovering the criminal. Remember this. 1. St. Gueran Street : the scene of the crime. The victim is lying in the middle of the pavement. One member of your team tells you they've found traces of the assassin in the opposite flat. You mustn't touch anything but you are able to take photos. MOVING THE CAMERA - Use the cursor keys. TAKING A PHOTO (Moving in for a close-up shot) - Press COPY for Amstrad, and F7 for Commodore. Make sure that you have made a note of ALL the details and, when you are ready press ENTER or RETURN. Disk versions will load automatically, while on cassette versions you will need to press PLAY on your tape recorder. If you change your mind before the second part is activated, press R and you will return to the scene of the crime. It is time to summarise the evidence and as you speed back to your office you make a list of suspicious details. Key in each piece of evidence, separating each one with a space and, once the list seems complete press ENTER or RETURN. 2. The State Police Force. The State Police Force is one of the oldest French institutions since its origins date back to the Marshalsea during Napoleon's time. Its experience regarding judicial affairs has led it to computerise very quickly, far in advance of similar services in other countries. This is one of the reasons why, in addition to traditional methods (such as comparing evidence/interviews/alibis, etc.) you can use the DIAMOND COMPUTER NETWORK. Utilising this sophisticated system, you will be able to communicate with other police services, justice departments, prison administrations and, of course, with the National Police. Access procedure for the Diamond Network. Code M (Message) A message addressed to any service must include the code for that service and its base town. The message must include the type of information required in as much detail as possible. The reply from the service contacted will arrive in the form of a listing in a few minutes. Code P (Printer) - Not for Commodore versions. If you have an 80 column printer you will not need to take notes manually. All you have to do to keep track of your evidence is to press the P key. To desactivate press the same key again. N.B. : All messages must be confirmed by pressing ENTER or RETURN. Services you can contact on the Diamond Network. Another Police Squad. Computer Code GIE + name of squad. If you want to contact the St. Galmier squad (42) write GIE St.Galmier opposite "ORIG" and then make up your message in the form - INFORMATION ON "XXXX" AFFAIR. If the squad you communicate with is concerned with that particular case it will reply giving you all the information in its possession. There is one police squad per town. District squad for judicial information. Computer Code BDRJ. There is one police squad per district (as opposed to town) which will tell you if a particular person is wanted by the police. You address your requests to BDRI St. Etienne in the following way - IDENTIFICATION OF DUPONT LEON - and if this person is wanted you will be told by whom and why. Judicial Research and Comparison Centre. Computer code CRRJ. The police force has a research co-ordination centre. If you wish to know the record of someone known to the judiciary or to make a comparison on a particular object which could be a clue, you can contact this service using CRRJ LYON and should compose your message as follows - INFORMATION ON "OBJECT" - (as much information as possible) or ON "A CERTAIN PERSON" (Christian name and surname). If the person has a record you will get a photograph and some information. Police Station. Computer Code CIAT. Certain police stations may have dealt with something, or someone !, connected with your investigation, it might be useful to contact them to get additional information. You can call them up using, for example CIAT MARSEILLE, then, compose your message to read - INFORMATION ON "XXXX" AFFAIR. General Information. Computer Code DG. Asking for General Information can save you a lot of precious time. This code links directly to every police force. You should compose your message as follows: "INFORMATION ON XXXX". Traditional Methods. Option S : Statement To hear someone's statement you need to know their name and address (or where they can be found). Option C : Comparison of Evidence. You can compare an alibi or other evidence of one person with certain facts collected during the investigation. But this comparison can only be carried out on the basis of a statement. Option E : Various Examinations. In your capacity as Judiciary Police Officer you can carry out different examinations, e.g. Ballistic or Autopsy (e.g. AUTOPSY SIDNEY). These are the only two examinations possible. Option A : Arrest. If you are certain of someone's guilt, it only remains for you to make an arrest. FINAL ADVICE : You will generally be prompted as to which code you can use, although imagination and logical thinking will help a lot as well ! !, and if you enter the wrong information you will see 'Addressee not known' or 'Addressee not relevant', depending on what you input. These responses will also occur during the program on the logical occasions you would expect. Beware the red herring! In case of difficulty check your keyboard is in Upper Case. One more word of warning. Your career could suffer if you arrest the wrong person.

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