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Stir Crazy Featuring Bobo


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STIR CRAZY featuring BOBO AMSTRAD CPC - SPECTRUM - COMMODORE C64 ---------- INFOGRAMES ========== S T I R C R A Z Y F E A T U R I N G B O B O Bobo is perhaps the oddest inmate of INZEESLAMMER. He's been there for 17 years now, and his biggest dream is to get out. He'll try anything to escape, and sometimes he manages it. But inevitably he will be recaprured to spend yet another night in his cell dreaming of the outside world. INZEESLAMMER is a really peculiar prison which tends to make the inmates behave childishly. Everything is an excuse for fun, even the daily chores - which can get them into trouble. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | LOADING & START-UP | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Make sure that the computer is properly connected. SPECTRUM + 3 - disk version Insert the disk side 1 into the disk drive Press ENTER at the LOADER prompt on the auto menu of the front screen. If you are already in 128K Basic, just type LOAD"DISK" and this will auto load the game. SPECTRUM 48/128K - cassette version Insert the cassette into tape recorder. Type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Press PLAY on cassette player. SPECTRUM +2 AND +3 - cassette version Insert the fully rewound cassette into tape recorder. Press ENTER at the LOADER prompt from menu screen. Press PLAY on cassette player. AMSTRAD CPC - cassette version - Insert tape, side A in the recorder. - On CPC 464, 664, 6128 with a disk drive, type |TAPE (to obtain |, press @ and SHIFT simultaneously) and press ENTER. - Then press CTRL and ENTER (beside the numeric keypad). AMSTRAD CPC - disk version - Insert the disk in the drive. - Type | CPM (to obtain |, press @ and SHIFT simultaneously) and press ENTER. COMMODORE 64 - cassette version - Place the tape side 1 into the cassette deck and rewind the tape to the beginning, - if you use a C128, type GO 64 and confirm by pressing on Y, then RETURN, - afterwards, on C64 as well, insert the cassette in the recorder, - press the keys SHIFT and RUN/STOP simultaneously, - press PLAY on the recorder, the program will load and start automatically. - Once the main game has loaded, turn the tape over and press REWIND on the tape deck. - When it has rewound press play button and it will load the other sections of the game. COMMODORE 64 - disk version - If you use a C128, type GO 64 and confirm by pressing on Y, then RETURN, - afterwards, on C64 as well, insert the disk in the drive - type LOAD "*",8,1 - press RETURN, the program will load and start automatically. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | PRINCIPAL OF THE GAME | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The program is divided into five separate games. When the menu appears, you have to choose whether you want to play all of the games or just one particular game. NUMBER OF GAMES Move the joystick or cursor keys to the left or right to make the number of the game you want to play appear on the card in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. If you want to play all of the games, select ALL. Confirm by pressing the fire button or space bar. N.B: If you're using the cassette version and you've chosen only one particular game, you'll have to initialize the computer and load the program again in order to play another game. If you choose ALL you'll load the five games one after another. NUMBER OF PLAYERS Press Fire. A dotted line will appear and you have to type your name using a maximum of six characters. Use the DEL key to rectify a character. After typing your name, confirm by pressing ENTER. If there is more than one person playing (a maximum of five players is allowed), each player has to input his name. When the last player has typed his name, press ENTER twice. The game will load automatically. SCORE HIGH SCORE: This is the best score obtained in one game. VERY HIGH SCORE: This is the best score obtained in the whole 5 games. COMMANDS COMMON TO ALL 5 GAMES P ....................... To pause the game. Press any key to continue. Q or ESC (on AMSTRAD) ......... Quits the game and returns to the menu. The game can be played with a joystick or keyboard (cursor keys). On C64 and SPECTRUM, if you play with the keyboard, use the keys : Q ^ | I <-- --> O | v A ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- | THE CANTEEN | 1 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- Bobo is on table duty and has to serve the prisoners who arrive one by one, then give them a second helping when they ask. All of this must be done very quickly because the prisoners can get really mad if they're not served immediately. COMMANDS To move Bobo: North Q ^ | West I <-- --> O East | v South A Bobo can only walk up and down the room when he is situated in the middle. To serve one ladle of soup, press the fire button or space bar. To take a full saucepan, press the fire button or space bar. Every now and then, Bobo has to replace the empty saucepan with a full one (which is on the serving hatch). Move Bobo towards the hatch and press the fire button or space bar. SCORE You gain points each time Bobo serves a ladle of soup. ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- | PREPARING POTATOES | 2 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- Bobo has to peel a pile of potatoes which gradually gets bigger as he goes along. He has to do them as quickly as possible so as not to be surrounded by potatoes. COMMANDS 1) To take a potato: ................. A (down) 2) To peel a potato: .................. I (left) and O (right) 3) To throw a potato: ................. Fire Button or Space Bar. N.B. The potato in Bobo's hand is represented by a large potato situated at the side of his chair so that you can see if it has been peeled properly. If it hasn't, it will be thrown back onto the pile! SCORE You gain points for each properly peeled potato and a bonus each time you finish peeling all the potatoes in the pile. ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- | THE TRAMPOLINE | 3 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- It is the warden's break-time in INZEESLAMMER and the prisoners have decided to take advantage of it by trying to escape. They jump from their cell window and Bobo is responsible for catching them on the trampoline so that they can jump over the outer wall. COMMANDS Bobo moves the trampoline: ............ I (left) and O (right) N.B. The prisoners love jumping on the trampoline. The more you make them Jump, the more points you gain when they jump over the wall. SCORE You gain points each time a prisoner jumps over the wall. An additional bonus is awarded according to the number of bounces the prisoners made before jumping over the wall. ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- | THE ELECTRICAL WIRES | 4 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- Bobo succeeded in escaping from the prison and he runs along three electrical wires, jumping from one to the other so as to avoid being electrocuted. COMMANDS To make Bobo jump to the left: ........ I (left) To make Bobo jump to the right: ....... O (right) N.B. Watch out for the sparks. Try to take the cylinders on the wires. The game gets quicker as you go along. SCORE The number of points is calculated according to the length of time Bobo stays on the wires. A bonus is gained each time Bobo touches a green cylinder. ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- | THE DORMITORY | 5 | | ---------------------------------------------------------------------+---+----- But, as we mentioned earlier, Bobo always returns to the prison in one way or another. And in the evening in his cell which he shares with five other prisoners, he can't sleep because of the snoring. He has to have peace and quiet and the only way to silence their snores is to give them a gentle nudge without waking them. Bobo's movements: To go up the ladder Q ^ | To go left I <-- --> O To go right | v To go down the ladder A To jump over the chamberpot : ......... Fire Button or Space BAr. To nudge a prisoner: .................. Fire Button or Space Bar. To go to bed : ........................ Fire Button or Space Bar. N.B. You have to try to sleep in your own bed. When you have managed to stop all the prisoners from snoring, Bobo can go back to his bed to sleep for a while until another prisoner snores... Mind the chamberpot: if Bobo knocks it over, he will wake all the prisoners! SCORE You gain points when Bobo sleeps. STIR CRAZY featuring BOBO is an INFOGRAMES production. From the comic strips by Paul DELIEGE, © S.E.P.P. DELIEGE 1988 Technical Director : Eric MOTTET Programming : Kamel BALA, William HENNEBOIS, Laurent SALMERON, Alain VIALON, Sylvain TINTILLIER. Amstrad adaptation : SOFTHAWK Graphics : Didier CHANFRAY Marketing: Véronique GENOT

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